To have your bike considered for publication, please send us photographs that show both sides of the bike and include photos of any custom, handmade, or specially fabricated parts.

To have your car or truck considered for publication, please send us photographs of the interior and exterior.

Please send no more than 5 photographs total. It is not necessary to include a model in these photos. The focus of the photograph should be on the vehicle.

Please include a small tech sheet on the car, truck or bike and make sure to include all your contact information.

If you are submitting a bike, you may also enter one of our Bike Shows in your area. For a complete list of show dates and locations, please call 1-800-962-9857 or go to

Motorcycle photograph submissions should be sent to:
Easyriders Magazine
Attention: Editorial Department
PO Box 3000
Agoura Hills, CA 91376-3000

If we choose to publish your photos, your submission becomes the property of Paisano Publications. If we choose not to publish them and you would like the photographs returned, please enclose a self-addressed, stamped envelope. Paisano Publications does not acknowledge receipt of any unsolicited material, nor assumes responsibility for any loss or damage to submitted photographs.

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