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Polaris Reports 2017 Third Quarter Results

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PolarisPolaris Reports 2017 Third Quarter Results


  • Sales for the third quarter of 2017 increased 25% to a record $1,478.7 million; adjusted sales were $1,480.3 million, up 25%, about half from organic growth
    Third quarter 2017 reported net income was $1.28 per diluted share; adjusted net income for the same period was $1.46 per diluted share, ahead of expectations and up 192% over the prior year
  • Polaris North American unit retail sales were up 13 percent with ORV retail sales up mid-teens percent and Indian Motorcycles unit retail sales up 16 percent.  Retail sales were also up modestly versus the 2015 third quarter
  • Total dealer inventory was down 7% year-over-year; ORV dealer inventory was down 12%
  • Third quarter gross profit margin was 24.6%, up 261 basis points over prior year.  Adjusted gross profit margin was 25.5%, up 351 basis points versus last year primarily due to positive product mix, increased VIP savings and lower warranty costs
  • Polaris is raising full year sales and earnings per share guidance.  Adjusted net income is expected to be in the range of $4.75 to $4.85 per diluted share with adjusted sales for the full year 2017 expected in the range of up 18% to 19%

“Our emphatic return to profitable growth in the third quarter was a testament to the power of the Polaris brand, the strength of our dealer network and the competitive drive of the Polaris team. During the quarter, strong retail growth in both North America and nearly all of our International markets drove record sales and highlighted our ongoing product innovation, improving product quality and sharpened execution. We delivered North American unit retail sales growth of 13 percent and overall Company sales growth of 25 percent, about half of which was organic, while lowering North American dealer inventory seven percent year-over-year.  Results were strong throughout our portfolio, led by Indian Motorcycles’ exceptional performance as they accelerated share gains and outpaced a declining North American motorcycle market while also delivering strong growth in Europe, Australia and Asia.  I am particularly proud of the improved performance from our Off-Road Vehicle business, which was fueled by a well-planned and executed Factory Authorized Clearance sale and the strong reception of our model year 2018 introductions.  Encouragingly, RZR retail sales were especially strong in the quarter, and we had our best ATV retail quarter in two years. Delivering such strong results, while also launching the all new RANGER XP 1000, the best utility side-by-side ever built, is a fitting way for Matt Homan to wrap up his influential 15 year run with Polaris. I want to thank Matt for his significant contribution and wish him continued success in his career.  Welcoming Chris Musso earlier this month was also a major victory and we are excited to have him grab the reins of our industry-leading ORV business,” commented Scott Wine, Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of Polaris Industries.

Read the Full Report

NCOM Biker Newsbytes

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NCOMNCOM Biker Newsbytes

Compiled & Edited by Bill Bish,
National Coalition of Motorcyclists (NCOM)

First Twin Peaks Case Goes To Trial In Waco
Following more than two years of examining trials, hearings, motions to recuse judges and to disqualify prosecutors, appeals court rulings and a host of speedy trial demands, the first case in the Twin Peaks melee has finally gone to trial in Waco, Texas.

Jacob Carrizal, President of the Dallas chapter of the Bandidos, appears before Judge Matt Johnson of Waco’s 54th State District Court on charges of directing the activities of a criminal street gang and two counts of engaging in organized criminal activity.

Carrizal is the first to stand trial of the 154 bikers indicted in the Twin Peaks shootout that left nine bikers dead and dozens injured while attending a Saturday, May 17, 2015 meeting of the Coalition of Clubs and Independents, an affiliation of motorcycle groups.

Many questions will hopefully be answered, at long last, including how much of the bloodshed was due to a biker turf war and how much resulted from law enforcement actions.

Authorities tightened security measures around the McLennan County Courthouse, including a metal fence around the 115-year old building, and black curtains over the windows, while attorneys have whittled down a jury pool from nearly 150 prospective jurists to 11 men and three women, with two serving as alternates.

“Lowest Figures On Record” For U.K. Motorcycle Fatalities
In a promising message for motorcyclists, statistics recently released by England’s Department for Transport (DfT) show that U.K. motorcycle deaths are down by 13%, the lowest figure since records began in 2006, despite an overall increase in motorcycle traffic last year and amidst the highest total of overall road deaths since 2011.

In fact, statistics from the DfT’s “Reported road casualties in Great Britain: 2016 annual report” reveal that motorcyclists were the only road user to see a decrease in fatalities from 2015-16, even though they rode 2% more to cover 2.8 billion miles.

AAA Claims Baby Boomers At Higher Risk On A Bike
A new report from AAA claims that the baby boomer generation that made motorcycles cool are now more likely to sustain life-threatening or fatal injuries in a crash than younger riders.

The organization, analyzing federal crash data from the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA), says older riders make up a disproportionate number of motorcycle fatalities. The mortality rate for riders who are 60 or older is more than four times the overall increase in motorcycle deaths for 2015-16, says AAA, with motorcycle fatalities rising 5.1% while deaths among older baby boomers increased 22%.

Important to note, the increase in overall motorcycle fatalities is partially the byproduct of a corresponding rise in the number of motorcycles on the road, increasing to 8.6 million motorcycles in 2015 compared with 8.4 million in 2014, according to Federal Highway Administration (FHWA) data cited by the organization.

Life Sentences Proposed For Killer Drivers
U.K. drivers or riders convicted of causing death by dangerous driving could face life imprisonment if new Government proposals are adopted to increase maximum penalties.

The move follows a public consultation in which 70% of respondents believed that the maximum penalty for causing death by dangerous driving should be increased to life — the top penalty that British law offers.

Under the same proposal, the crime of causing death by careless driving while under the influence of alcohol or drugs will also be increased to life.  Currently, both offenses carry a maximum term of 14 years imprisonment, while the average sentence imposed is four years.

The Government also proposes the creation of a new offense of causing serious injury by careless driving, with a prison sentence up to five years, a measure supported by 90% of those surveyed.

The punishment for cases that involve mobile phones, street racing or speeding would carry a sentence equivalent to manslaughter.

The Future Of The Engine In Question
Some world governments are already acting to curtail or eliminate gasoline-powered engines, and now the Governor of California, Jerry Brown, has announced that he is also considering ways to ban the sale of vehicles with internal combustion engines.

During a recent public meeting on U.S. Climate Alliance in New York, Brown stated; “We’re doing something in the face of inaction.”

“Eventually, Washington will join with us, because you can’t deny science forever, you can’t deny reality.  And the reality is climate change is occurring.”

With a zero-emissions mandate currently in place, California is one of the U.S. states that is fully committed to carrying out the objectives of the Paris Agreement — which is an ambitious project from the United Nations aiming to tackle the problems caused global climate change.

Gov. Brown’s announcement follows a similar diktat from the British and French Governments, reflecting plans to move to electrically-powered vehicles within the next few decades.

Self-Driving Cars Closer To Home
The U.S. House of Representatives unanimously approved a bipartisan bill called the SELF-DRIVE act, the first of its kind to drive the unmanned market forward by putting federal regulators in charge and barring states from blocking autonomous vehicles or setting performance standards.

This legislation would supersede state-by-state rules, making it possible for autonomous testing to proceed on a level playing field across the U.S.

If it becomes law (which still requires it to pass the Senate), then it would make it possible for companies working on self-driving to field a lot more vehicles per year – as many as 100,000 autonomous test cars annually, in fact.

The proposal would make it possible for car companies such as Ford, GM and others to bypass certain safety standards that currently apply to human piloted cars, including equipment and controls.

The Senate has also been working on its own self-driving bill, which may cover trucking as well.

California Measure Will Ensure Traffic Lights Detect Cycles
Two-wheelers will be detected by all newly installed and replacement traffic signals throughout California, as recently passed Senate Bill 672 will “ensure that local transportation agencies will replace current traffic-actuated signals during the course of regular maintenance and upgrade cycles to adopt motorcycle-and bicycle-sensitive signals.”

Existing law due to sunset provides that, in due course of maintaining or replacing traffic control devices, local governments ensure that the systems are set at a level to that can detect cyclists and motorcycles, thus this bill indefinitely extends these provisions without a specific mandate from Sacramento.

“Since I authored the original law ten years ago, this common sense measure has proven to be effective at making our roads safer,” said Senator Jean Fuller (R-Bakersfield).

Signed by Governor Jerry Brown on October 3, 2017, SB 672 specifies that “Upon the first placement of a traffic-actuated signal or replacement of the loop detector of a traffic-actuated signal [responding to the presence of traffic detected by mechanical, visual, electrical, or other means], the traffic-actuated signal shall, to the extent feasible and in conformance with professional traffic engineering practice, be installed and maintained so as to detect lawful bicycle or motorcycle traffic on the roadway.”

Advanced by ABATE of California, the motorcycle rights organization says of the legislation; “Thanks to Governor Brown for signing this permanent extension,” stated Chairman of the Board Glenn Phillips, adding that “With over a Million Motorcyclists in our state, this legislation is imperative to protect riders on California roads.”

New York Measure Would Ban Children From Riding
Assembly Bill 8700 would prohibit children under the age of twelve from riding on a motorcycle.  Introduced by Assemblymember Aileen M. Gunther (D-Dist.100), the bill states; “No person shall operate or ride a motorcycle on a public highway, road or street in this state with a child under the age of twelve on such motorcycle.”

A8700 has been referred to the Assembly Transportation Committee.

Help “Lemon Law” Pass For Riders In Pennsylvania
ABATE of Pennsylvania has issued a Legislative Call To Action regarding House Bill 74, a bill introduced by Representative Pam Snyder that would include motorcycles in the current PA Automobile Lemon Law. HB 74 was introduced and referred to the House Consumer Affairs Committee.  On June 12 the House Consumer Affairs Committee approved HB 74, and the measure is now facing consideration by the full House.

“Contact House of Representative members and ask them to support HB 74 to include motorcycles in the state’s “Automobile Lemon Law,” urges the state office of ABATE of PA.  “You can call them, email them or visit them.  But you have to do something if we are to have success in having HB 74 pass the House and be sent to the Senate for their consideration.”

Motorcycle Thefts Are On The Rise
The annual theft report from the National Insurance Crime Bureau shows bike thefts rose 2% nationally across the U.S. in 2016, with a total of 46,467 motorcycles were reported stolen, up from 45,555 in 2015.

For the second year in a row, California is the top state for stolen bikes, where 7,506 motorcycles were reported taken — compared with 4,482 stolen in Florida and 3,692 in Texas, the next most troublesome territories.  Vermont had only 24 motorcycle thefts in 2016, the least amount of all the states.

New York was the most-plagued city, followed by San Diego, Las Vegas and Los Angeles, while Los Angeles County was the top county.

The NICB study reveals that the bulk of motorcycle thefts predictably occur during the summer months, when more bikes are on the street.  August was the top month, when almost twice as many motorcycles disappeared than in December or January.

Some bikes are more popular targets than others or are simply easier to steal, and a disproportionate number are Japanese models top the theft list: Honda (9052 thefts), Yamaha (7,723), Suzuki (6,229), Kawasaki (5,221), Harley-Davidson (4,963)

The recovery rate for stolen bikes isn’t encouraging, according to the NICB report, with only 17,463 of the 46,467 motorcycles reported stolen in 2016 being returned to their owners, about a 40% nationwide rate of recovery. The recovery rate in Hawaii was highest at 94%, while the New York rate, at 19%, was the lowest in the nation.

By brand, Honda owners had about twice as good a chance of getting their bikes back than owners of Ducatis, which had only a 29% chance of coming home.

On a more positive note, bike thievery is down considerably — about 30% — from what it was a decade ago.

Philippine Government Seeks Strict Helmet Law Enforcement
The Department of Interior and Local Government (DILG) in the Philippines is seeking to strengthen enforcement of the Mandatory Helmet Law (RA 10054) nationwide.  In a Memorandum issued Sept 6 to all governors, mayors and others, the DILG directs local officials “to implement said (Helmet Law) Act, and ensure that the provisions are strictly complied with.”

Congressman Cesar V. Sarmiento directly addressed DILG during the department’s budget hearing in Congress and said he observed that several motorbike riders and drivers forget to use their helmet resulting in road accidents and deaths.

The Subject of the memo calls for the “Observance of the provisions of Republic Act No. 10054; an Act Mandating All Motorcycle Riders to Wear Standard Protective Motorcycle Helmets While Driving and Providing Penalties Therefor (sic).”

Quotable Quote:  “A man wearing a helmet defending our country is more valuable than a man in a helmet defending a football.”
~ Seen on a T-Shirt

The AIM/NCOM Motorcycle E-News Service is brought to you by Aid to Injured Motorcyclists (A.I.M.) and the National Coalition of Motorcyclists (NCOM), and is sponsored by the Law Offices of Richard M. Lester. If you’ve been involved in any kind of accident, call us at 1-(800) ON-A-BIKE or visit www.ON-A-BIKE.com.

Roland Sands All New Trinity Jacket

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TrinityRoland Sands Expands Women’s Apparel Line With The All New Trinity Jacket

Roland Sands Design releases the all new Trinity jacket, the latest offering from the Fall 2017 Apparel range. The Trinity jacket blends premium fashion with motorcycle function. This versatile jacket is perfect for a ladies night out on the town, or when your carving canyons with the throttle wide open. The Trinity features a semi aggressive performance riding fit, premium oily buffalo leather that is soft and supple and the quilt stitched accents give it just the right amount of attitude. “We received very positive feedback on the Buffalo Leather styles we released in Fall 2016 and have now bolstered that offering with a women’s specific style which add’s a bit of price point diversification to the product line” comments Rob Ramlose, Brand Manager. The Trinity Jacket is available now at www.rolandsands.com or a Tucker Rocky dealer near you.

Product Tech Points:

  • Genuine, top grain RSD “Oily Buffalo leather (1.0-1.1mm thickness)
  • Quilted detail on shoulders, elbows and lower back
  • Adjustable zip waist, zip close cuffs, interior stuff pocket, zip close interior pocket, front and sleeve zip pocket
  • Armor ready shoulder, elbow and back protector pockets
  • Pre-curved sleeves, rotated shoulders
  • Performance riding fit
  • Colors: Black, Brown, Merlot
  • Sizes: XS – 2XL
  • MSRP: $450

About Roland Sands Design:

Roland Sands Design is a motorcycle, product and apparel company that has its roots in racing, custom bike building and design. Our inspiration comes from a high performance background that blends the love of two wheels with the desire to create unique products. We live the two wheeled life and our crew is a diverse collection of road racers, off-road, dirt track, super moto and custom bike builders and riders. It’s this diversity that allows us to work with the best in the industry on a wide variety of projects. Follow all bike builds, new products and the life and times of the Roland Sands Design crew at www.rolandsands.com

New Covingtons Customs “Destroyer” Exhaust

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CovingtonsNew Covingtons Customs “Destroyer” Exhaust

Introducing the new Covington “Destroyer” exhaust. This custom exhaust is now in production! Previously made exclusively for bikes built in house, the exhaust is now available for 1995 to present Harley touring models. The exhaust is available in chrome or black finish and includes heat shields, baffle, mounting hardware, O2 ports & plugs. Pipe includes a 3 stepped header with a patented Covingtons 3-bolt collector design, full header heat shields and a short baffle.

This design not only looks great but increases horsepower and torque on both stock and modified motors.
Fits 1995 to present HD touring models. Patented. Made in the USA


Covingtons Customs

2424 Oklahoma Ave.
Woodward, OK. 73801

Notice: “Not legal for sale or use in California”
“Not legal for sale or use in California on any pollution controlled motor vehicles”

“Legal in California only for racing vehicles which may never be used, or registered or licensed for use, upon a highway

Harley-Davidson Third Quarter Results

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Third QuarterHarley-Davidson Announces Third Quarter 2017 Results

U.S. Market Share Up, Improved U.S. Dealer Inventory

MILWAUKEE, Oct. 17, 2017 – Harley-Davidson, Inc. (NYSE:HOG) third quarter 2017 diluted EPS decreased to $0.40 from $0.64 in the third quarter of 2016. Third quarter net income was $68.2 million on consolidated revenue of $1.15 billion versus net income of $114.1 million on consolidated revenue of $1.27 billion in the third quarter of 2016.

“The continued weakness in the U.S. motorcycle industry only heightens our resolve and the intensity we are bringing to the quest to build the next generation of Harley-Davidson riders,” said Matt Levatich, president and CEO, Harley-Davidson, Inc. “Launching one hundred new high-impact motorcycles is a critical part of our 10-year journey, and the all new Softail line-up is a significant statement of our commitment.”

Harley-Davidson worldwide retail motorcycle sales were down 6.9 percent in the third quarter compared to the same period in 2016. Harley-Davidson U.S. retail motorcycle sales were down 8.1 percent compared to the year-ago quarter, with the overall U.S. industry down 9.2 percent for the same period. Harley-Davidson’s U.S. market share for the quarter was 53.1 percent in the 601cc-plus segment, up compared to the same quarter in 2016. Harley-Davidson’s international retail motorcycle sales decreased 4.6 percent compared to the third quarter in 2016.

“As the motorcycle industry leader – with dealer strength and rider passion and loyalty like no other – we believe we are uniquely positioned to build ridership and strengthen the sport of motorcycling. Not just in the U.S. but around the world. Our investments in new product and marketing are targeted to drive ridership growth. We have the strategies, plans and people to make it happen,” said Levatich.

Through nine months, Harley-Davidson 2017 diluted EPS was $2.95, down 16.9 percent from $3.55 in the year-ago period. Harley-Davidson 2017 net income was $513.4 million on consolidated revenue of $4.42 billion compared to nine-month 2016 net income of $645.0 million on consolidated revenue of $4.89 billion. For the first nine months, worldwide retail motorcycle sales were down 6.1 percent compared to the same period in 2016.

Read the entire report here

Krawiec Extends NHRA Championship Points Lead

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NHRAKrawiec Extends NHRA Championship Points Lead With Big Pro Stock Motorcycle Win In Dallas

Harley-Davidson Street Rod Carries Krawiec to His Sixth Win of the Season

Press Release: Harley-Davidson Screamin’ Eagle/Vance & Hines rider Ed Krawiec stretched his Pro Stock Motorcycle points lead in the NHRA Mello Yello Countdown to the Championship playoffs with a final-round win at the AAA Texas NHRA Fall Nationals at the Texas Motorplex. Krawiec rode a Harley-Davidson Street Rod competition motorcycle to his sixth win of the season and now holds a 107-point Countdown points lead.

“This was a perfect weekend for our championship run,” said Krawiec, a three-time Pro Stock Motorcycle champion who last won the title in 2012. “My closest competitor lost in the first round, so for me every win after the first was a bonus, and to race the Street Rod all the way to a win in the final is huge. I like our position with a commanding points lead and two races left on the schedule. Now the pressure is on anyone trying to catch us.”

The Street Rod competition drag bikes are based on the Harley-Davidson Street Rod production motorcycle, an agile middle-weight powered by the liquid-cooled High Output Revolution X 750 engine tuned for maneuvering through traffic and congestion.

NHRAKrawiec led all qualifiers for the event with a best elapsed time (ET) of 6.860 seconds at 196.53 mph. Harley-Davidson Screamin’ Eagle/Vance & Hines rider Andrew Hines qualified third on the team’s other Harley-Davidson Street Rod competition motorcycle with a 6.878 ET at 195.87 mph.

In Sunday eliminations Hines won in the first round but lost in round two. Krawiec charged through the field to advance to his seventh final round of the season. Krawiec got the 42nd win of his career when his opponent fouled at the starting line. With a 6.785-second blast in round two Krawiec posted the quickest Pro Stock Motorcycle ET of the day and the fastest top speed at 196.50 mph.

After four of six rounds in the 2017 NHRA Mello Yello Countdown to the Championship playoffs, Krawiec leads the Pro Stock Motorcycle standings with 2,506 points. Hines is in third place with 2,364 points.

The Harley-Davidson Screamin’ Eagle/Vance & Hines Pro Stock Motorcycle drag racing team returns to action October 25-28 at the NHRA Toyota Nationals at The Strip at Las Vegas Motor Speedway in Las Vegas, Nevada.

About Harley-Davidson Motor Company
Since 1903, Harley-Davidson Motor Company has fulfilled dreams of personal freedom with cruiser, touring and custom motorcycles, riding experiences and events, and a complete line of Harley-Davidson motorcycle parts, accessories, general merchandise, riding gear and apparel. For more information, visit www.h-d.com.

Sons Of Speed

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Sons Of SpeedSons Of Speed Back at New Smyrna Speedway for Third Race During Daytona Biketoberfest 

Inaugural Old Speed Show Debuts as Well

Press Release: Billy Lane’s thrilling Sons of Speed boardtrack motorcycle race is back for a third running during the 25th Chrome Anniversary of Daytona Beach Biketoberfest. On Saturday, October 21, at 3:15 p.m., thirteen daredevil motorcycle racers will take to the banked track at New Smyrna Speedway in Daytona Beach.

“We’re coming off the second SOS race, which took place at Sturgis this year,” said Billy Lane, renowned bike builder and founder of Sons of Speed. “That was a lot of fun, but nothing beats the banked track at New Smyrna—this is where riders let it all hang out.”

Inspired by early twentieth-century board-track racers, the Sons of Speed race hearkens back to a stripped down, wide-open approach to motorcycle riding. Held at New Smyrna Speedway’s half-mile, banked racetrack, the third SOS race will feature thirteen riders in several different heats, and winners of the heats will advance to a championship round. Each racer will sit astride hand-built racing chassis holding pre-1925 1,000cc American V-Twin engines, and most racers will customize their machines by fabricating handlebars, exhaust, fenders, foot pegs and fuel/oil tanks.

The thirteen Sons of Speed racers feature some of the best riders and well-known personalities in the business—they are: Billy Lane, Xavier Muriel, Ken Curtis, Shelly Rossmeyer-Pepe, Buzz Kanter, Dan Toce, Rhett Rotten, Ebay Jake, Rick Petcko, Mark Hanna, Freddie Bollwage, Matt Walksler, Brook James, Matt Harris and Moonshiner Josh Owens.

And SOS isn’t the only excitement going down on Saturday—in the New Smyrna Speedway parking lot, on the same day, the inaugural Old Speed Show will run from 9 a.m. to 2 p.m. Admission is free for people and machines, and the event is open to any and all racing motorcycles of any style or age, including roadracers, dirt trackers, hillclimbers, Moto X and drag racers. And, in addition, the show will feature interesting and cool handcrafted motorcycles, hot rod cars and trucks. Presented by American Iron Magazine and brought to you by Dennis Kirk, American Iron Garage, Choppers, Inc., and Greaserag.com, the Old Speed Show is the perfect way to get revved up for the third Sons of Speed race.

Check out the Sons of Speed Facebook page for breaking news and upcoming events. You can purchase general admission tickets at the gate for $20. A limited amount of 50 VIP tickets will be available for purchase at the gate that will allow infield access.

About Sons Of Speed

Sons Of Speed is a motorcycle race inspired by early twentieth-century board-track racing. Featuring stripped-down bikes with pre-1925 American V-Twin engines and a steeply banked racetrack, Sons Of Speed hearkens back to a wide-open, full-throttle, thrilling style of motorcycle racing. The inaugural Sons Of Speed race will take place in Florida at New Smyrna Speedway during Daytona Bike Week in March 2017. Co-founded by veteran motorcycle bike builder Billy Lane, the first Sons Of Speed race will feature twenty of the sport’s most accomplished riders, builders, and enthusiasts, including Buzz Kanter (publisher, American Iron Magazine), Shelley Rossmeyer-Pepe (GM, Bruce Rossmeyer’s Harley-Davidson), vintage racer Brittney Olsen, Warren and Billy Lane, Rick Petko (of American Chopper fame and master mechanic at Orange County Choppers) and Matt Walksler (motorcyclist and Associate Director of Wheels Through Time). For more information on the debut race and to buy tickets, check out the Facebook event page.

Metalsport/Brembo Partnership

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MetalsportMetalsport/Brembo Partner on new Braking Components

Metalsport has partnered with the people at Brembo brakes in a joint project to produce a custom motorcycle caliper that combines superior stopping power and reliability with an unmistakable custom appearance. The caliper is shown here with one of the company’s complete kits which include:  Unique 18” rotor with 420 heat treated outer ring mounted to 6061-T6 aluminum carrier with application specific stainless steel buttons.

Carriers are offered in cuts to match the Metalsport’s crowd stopping wheel designs. A custom caliper hanger, manufactured in house from 6061-T6 billet aluminum, and all stainless mounting hardware are also included.

For pricing and additional details check out the complete Metalsport lineup at www.metalsportwheels.com or call direct to 562-776-9594

Ciro Lighted Vent Trim

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Ciro Lighted Vent Trim

Press Release: Ciro has designed the most appealing and innovative fairing vent trim in the market today. The Ciro Lighted Vent Trim utilizes white light pipe technology to create a one-of-a-kind lighting effect on your 2014-up Batwing fairing. Easy installation with the LED light module, plugging directly into the stock wiring harness with no cutting, drilling, or splicing necessary. This piece will not affect the function of the OEM vent airflow. An unlit fairing vent trim version is also available.

40010 Fairing Vent Trim-Lighted, Chrome $69.95
40011 Fairing Vent Trim-Unlit, Chrome $39.95
40012 Fairing Vent Trim-Light, Black $69.95
40013 Fairing Vent Trim-Unlit, Black $39.95

The Ciro Fairing Vent Trim is available for 2014-up Harley-Davidson Touring models with OEM Batwing fairing. See www.ciro3d.com for all of the options or visit your local Drag Specialties dealer and ask for Ciro products. Contact Ciro with any questions (715) 808-0027.

Ciro Bat Blades

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Ciro Bat BladesCiro Bat Blades

Press Release: Ciro Bat Blades are the all new, flexible LED strips that perfectly conform to your batwing fairing. White LED driving lights illuminate the front of your bike while also doubling as amber turn signals when activated. Low profile, black circuit boards blend in seamlessly when power is off for a stealthy look. Easy installation with 3M automotive grade adhesive and plug-and-play electrical connectors, no drilling, splicing, or special tools are required. Bat Blades are designed for exterior application, so they’re ready to take on whatever weather you decide to ride in!

45100 Bat Blades ‘96-’05 $129.95
45101 Bat Blades ‘06-’13 $129.95
45102 Bat Blades ‘14-up $129.95

Ciro Bat Blades are available for 1996-2017 Harley-Davidson Touring models. See www.ciro3d.com for all of the options or visit your local Drag Specialties dealer and ask for Ciro products. Contact Ciro with any questions (715) 808-0027.

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