Biker Lives Matter

By June 12, 2019Biker's Rights

Biker Lives Matter

Biker Lives Matter is a New Safety Group that has started in the State of Florida. Its goal is to work with the State of Florida, other states, Federal Government and other organizations to lower injury and deaths of motorcyclist and others who travel on our roads.

While there may be other organizations working on the issues that affect all of us, this organization is going to help by making people aware of the issues through rider and driver education, promoting look for motorcycle campaigns and supporting legislation that makes the roads safer.

We are also promoting teaching people what to do at the scene of a crash or collision.

We will be working with Motorcycle Rights Organizations to help promote the many things they are working on.

The President of this organization is John “Rogue” Herlihy and he says he is going to use the experience he gained by being one of the original founders working with Easyriders when they formed the organization A Brotherhood Against Totalitarian Enactments (ABATE)

The Vice President is Bob “Badd Bob” Simmonds has been heavily involved for over 10 years with Bikers Against Child Abuse (B.A.C.A.)

The Secretary Sharleen Mitchell besides being a rider for 48 years was Vice President of a motorcycle shop and very active in the motorcycle community.

The Treasurer is Kenneth Simmons who has been riding since the 90s and is a business man.

While there are numerous others working and we do appreciate all who are there is just too many to list here.

Numerous well know people in the world of motorcycling have joined as members and that is sincerely appreciated.

Biker Lives Matter is open to all who want to help promote safety, you do not need a motorcycle to join and JOINING IS FREE so please visit the website at and join. Please also let as many people that you can about us.