Roland Sands Launches 2019 Apparel Product Collection

By August 2, 2018New Product News

Roland SandsRoland Sands Launches 2019 Apparel Product Collection

Press Release: At Roland Sands we’re always looking to improve our products which is no easy task. Our aim is better leather, better protection and better build quality and if we can keep the price in the ball park, then it ends up being less expensive to the customer in the end. The new collection is exactly that and a little more. We’ve taken the classics, the Ronin and Clash and added CE1 level protection and construction with the same style and improved build quality taking our bestselling jackets to another level.

The heritage portion of the collection remains true to the DNA of the brand but comes with the added features of included removable armor and strategic ventilation without compromising the wear ability. We remain true to the focus of on bike function and off bike wear ability. Clean, stylish, subtlety branded riding gear, it’s what we expect and what we deliver.

Times may change, but the details of what make a quality motorcycle jacket worth owning do not. Quality, comfort, fit, finish, protection and style. It’s a recipe that gets better in time if you stay true to your roots, learn from your customers and work to improve on what you have learned.

Industry shaping designs like the Clash and Ronin are a tough product to improve on, but that’s what we’ve done with the RS Signature models. We realize not everybody wants to wear the same gear, so we’ve further expanded both our textile range and leathers to bring more diversity to the collection, always keeping function and form in mind. Weather we’ve turned a classic bomber into a rider’s jacket or added a hood to a classic leather silhouette it’s quality first.