ThunderVolt 50 10.4mm Diameter Wires

By June 27, 2018New Product News

ThundervoltThunderVolt 50 10.4mm Diameter Wires

The Ultimate Performance And Racing Ignition Wire Available Today!

Press Release: Sumax’s biggest and lowest resistance wire – 10.4mm diameter and only 40-OHMS per foot = more horse power… torque… spark energy.

Thunderbolt 50 is the absolute best .409 inch, 10.4mm diameter high tech, high performance ignition wire available. IROC DYNO-Tested and Track Proven, achieving 5 HP and 7 lbs. torque better than the competition.Thundervolt

  • 40 Ohm/ft Ferrite Spiral-Wound coated core blend of exclusive copper/nickel alloy bonded by a conductive acrylic cover. Our Ferrite Spiral-Wound low resistance core provides optimum RFI and EMI suppression and is compatible with use on most electronic ignition systems and components.
  • Features a tightly woven heat treated fiberglass braid eliminating the need for additional sleeving.
  • Exclusive three layer 100% ZIMPLEX silicone outer jacket provides additional heat and abrasion protection up to 600 degrees Fahrenheit and 102,000 volts dielectric strength, a must
  • for the extreme conditions of open wheel racing and under hood temperatures.
  • Available in Black with Gold lettering with color coordinated low profile 100% silicone PROBOOTS featuring vibration proof double spring locking spark plug terminals.
  • These wires are available in custom fit or universal sets are designed for Harley Davidson and Victory motorcycles. Two wire sets are $52.95. Milwaukee 8 four wire sets are $96.95.

Sumax is located in upstate NY.
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