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ProBEAM LED Turn Signals for Indian Models

By | New Product News

ProBEAM LED Turn Signals for Indian Models

$179.95-$199.95 (pair)

Press Release: Plug and play LED Turn Signals for Indian are now available from Custom Dynamics, for the first time ever! ProBEAM, the premium line of LED turn signals, now offers fitment for most 2014-2019 Indian models! The aluminum bullet housings provide a plug and play installation with provided mounting bolts and are available with a Chrome or Gloss Black anodized finish. These ProBEAM LED Turn Signals for Indian are built with ProBEAM LED turn signal inserts, behind a DOT/SAE compliant ProBEAM lens. Utilizing advanced LED technology, ProBEAM LED Turn Signals maximize performance with an innovative reflector design and the most superior automotive grade LEDs available. ProBEAM LED turn signals produce an even brighter light output with a wider viewing angle than the popular Custom Dynamics Genesis LED turn signals and can be used with ProBEAM Bullet Bezels for a custom finish! The state-of-the-art ProBEAM LED Turn Signals are DOT and SAE Compliant and are backed by the Custom Dynamics Lifetime LED Warranty. For more information call Custom Dynamics toll free at 1-800-382-1388, visit www.customdynamics.com, or contact your local Drag Specialties dealer. 

Rear Turn Signal Fitment: 2014-2019 Indian Chief, Springfield™ and Roadmaster Models; 2014-2018 Chieftain Models and 2019 Chieftain Classic

Front Turn Signal Fitment: 2014-2019 Indian Chief and Springfield™ Models

DRAG PN: 2020-1741, 2020-1742, 2020-1743, 2020-1744, 2020-1745, 2020-1746

Kick-Start The Holidays With Harley-Davidson Gifts

By | Clothing, New Product News

Kick-Start The Holidays

Stuff The Stocking Of A Motorcycle Enthusiast With Harley-Davidson Gifts

Dominate your gift exchange by putting more Harley into your holidays, there’s something for everyone, whether they ride or not. With the season’s hottest gifts, from classic-cool leather to the latest tech and audio toys, be sure also to take advantage of special Black Friday prices. If you’re last-minute shopping, don’t fret use the helpful Harley online gift guide to make you and your gift-receiver both look good.

Nine Days Of Savings
Harley-Davidson is kicking off the holiday season by celebrating two of its favorite things — Black and Friday. Starting on Friday, Nov. 23, special Black Friday limited-time prices on select riding jackets, gloves, boots, LED lighting and more will be available online and in stores until Dec. 1, 2018.

Online Gift Guide
Providing freedom from the malls since 1903, Harley-Davidson’s gift guide offers hundreds of unique items sure to rev-up the holidays and add some rebellion to the season. With most items priced under $100 and dozens under $50, Harley gifts won’t break the bank, but they’ll definitely break the mold.

For Him
Stuff his saddlebags with clothes to wear at your final destination, choose the retro-inspired  Felt Letter Slim Fit Long Sleeve Tee (P/N 96559-19VM, $60*) or the vintage-style Shovelhead Slim Fit Hoodie (P/N 96602-19VM, $75*). Or choose to give him a warm holiday feeling for the Winter with the Wool Blend Slim Fit Jacket (P/N 97481-19VM, $250*).

For Her
The new women’s Studded Graphic Pullover Hoodie (P/N 96352-19VW, $90) glimmers under holiday white party lights. From our 1903 Collection, this hoodie is perfect for the girl who loves to get something new as long it looks like they’ve owned it forever. Have her swooning for you with the new Tenacity Leather Jacket (P/N 98049-19VW, $450). Treated to a chic makeover, this updated classic biker jacket defies traditional holiday gifts. Or treat her hands to warmth on and off the bike with Joeve Thinsulate Touchscreen Leather Gloves (P/N 97143-19VW, $80). Featuring waterproof warmth and easier-than-ever touchscreen capability, the design ensures palms and fingers stay warm and comfortable.

Accessories For Any Bike
Not sure what the motorcycle rider in your life really wants? Try any of these amazing – and affordable – items and be the talk of the holiday party. You simply can’t go wrong with easy and inexpensive H-D® Genuine Motor Parts & Accessories that any motorcycle owner would be thrilled to find in their stocking…or saddlebag.

Motorcycle riders need to protect their helmets, jackets and bags from grab-and-go theft. Harley-Davidson’s Helmet Lock (P/N 52200003, $24.95) is carabineer-style universal helmet lock that is small enough to fit into a pocket, but big enough to fit around most any handlebar or engine guard. Another great stocking stuffer are Fleece Soft Hooks (P/N 93100017, $15.95). These 18″ soft hooks are designed to keep ratchets, hooks and buckles away from delicate surfaces when transporting a motorcycle. For an all around great tool to have wherever traveling, consider gifting the 8-in-1 Screwdriver (P/N 94669-00, $20.95) Compatible with most H-D® products, the unique design conveniently stores all fittings within the handle. Quality engineered by Snap-On® with lifetime guarantee against breakage.

Give the gift of storage with the Touring Bag (P/N 93300004, $229.95) motorcycle luggage that’s the ideal size for a long weekend trip. Between rides the Indoor/Outdoor Motorcycle Cover (P/N 93100025, $139.95) protects a bike from dust and scratches while its weather-shielded vents promote air circulation to reduce moisture build-up and corrosion.

Gift Of Freedom
Give the gift of adventure, and the experience of a lifetime, to that special person on your list by giving them the opportunity to learn to ride a motorcycle. Harley-Davidson Riding Academy is a once-in-a-lifetime gift that fits easily into the stocking of thrill seekers. Sign someone up today at Harley-Davidson.com/learntoride or visit your local dealer for more information.

Find your own freedom by filling stockings from the comfort of your living room — shop 24/7 at h-d.com/store and enjoy free shipping on purchases over $50.

*All prices listed herein are Manufacturer’s Suggested Retail Price (MSRP), excluding taxes and shipping. Prices at local dealerships may vary.

About Harley-Davidson Motor Company
Since 1903, Harley-Davidson Motor Company has fulfilled dreams of personal freedom with cruiser, touring and custom motorcycles, riding experiences and events, and a complete line of Harley-Davidson motorcycle parts, accessories, general merchandise, riding gear and apparel. For more information, visit www.h-d.com.

NCOM Biker Newsbytes

By | Biker's Rights

NCOMNCOM Biker Newsbytes

Compiled & Edited by Bill Bish,
National Coalition of Motorcyclists (NCOM)

Autonomous Vehicles Should Stop Hitting Motorcycles

The safety of autonomous cars remains in question, as a self-driving Chrysler Pacifica hit a motorcyclist on October 19 in Mountain View, California, when the test driver took control of the car to avoid a vehicle that had suddenly moved into its lane.  The manufacturer claims its technology, which can “see 360 degrees in every direction,” could have avoided the incident if the car’s software had remained in control, but reports from around the country indicate that self-driving cars are struggling to handle some driving tasks.

Autonomous cars are hitting the road whether we like it or not, but the presumption that they will be safer than human drivers when it comes to avoiding accidents has so far proven less than promising.  There have been at least three reported cases of an autonomous car crashing into a motorcycle.  On July 27, 2016, a motorcyclist in Norway was seriously injured when she was rear-ended by a Tesla Model S with its Autopilot self-driving system engaged.  Additionally, on December 7, 2017, a California motorcyclist was hurt in a collision with a self-driving Chevy Bolt that had aborted a signaled lane change and was returning to its original lane while the rider was lane splitting past it, a maneuver that is legal in California.

Another disturbing incident occurred when an autonomous Uber car struck and killed a woman who was walking her bicycle across the road at night.  One would think that the car’s radar and infrared scanners would detect such an object far better than the human eye could.  Indeed, the car’s onboard computer detected the obstruction in the road six seconds before impact.   Unfortunately, it failed to identify what type of object she was until just 1.3 seconds before impact, at which point it was too late to avoid hitting her.  Other factors, such as an inattentive human driver who was supposed to be monitoring the car’s surroundings, also contributed to the fatal crash, but a computer that fails to identify a target for nearly five seconds should be quite disturbing to motorcyclists who may suffer from this fate as well.

Adaptive Cruise Control is a radar guidance system that enables a car to change its speed relative to the vehicle in front of it based on traffic conditions. A study by RDW has determined that existing adaptive cruise control systems often do not do an adequate job of locking onto a motorcycle rather than a car.  These systems seem to have difficulty detecting a motorcycle not riding in the center of its lane, which is a problem since riders tend to occupy either the left or right tire grooves of a lane.

Another study by Dynamic Research shows similar results when it comes to forward collision warnings detecting motorcycles.  Throughout the tests, forward collision warning systems failed to detect the motorcycle adequately in 40% of trials.  Similarly, 37% of simulated crashes in this test occurred because the car’s onboard detection systems didn’t see the motorcycle, which is also the number one cause of motorcycle accidents with human drivers.

If autonomous driving systems are designed properly, developed with motorcyclists in mind rather than an afterthought, they could potentially deliver on their promise of making the roads safer for everyone.  “They could be on the lookout for motorcycles and other road hazards in all directions at all times, something even the most attentive human driver can never do,” according to RideApart.com“The trick is to design such systems to work in this way as a core functionality.  Autonomous vehicles must be able to search, evaluate, and execute the same way the Motorcycle Safety Foundation teaches all riders to.”

U.S. Senate Seeks Full Funding For Recreational Trails Read More

Welcome To The Next Generation Of Harley-Davidson Infotainment

By | New Product News

Welcome To The Next Generation Of Harley-Davidson Infotainment

The BOOM! Box GTS infotainment system is a sleek touchscreen design with glass from edge to edge. But there’s even more beauty in the way it works. It’s fast. Compared to the previous generation infotainment system, it cuts start-up time in half and route calculation is quicker than ever before. Operation is simple with three key buttons: Navigation, Phone, and Music. There’s also a new back button added to the right-hand control, and a new quick jump feature allows easy access to nav, audio, and vehicle information.

Apple CarPlay Compatible. You can get directions, make calls, send and receive messages and listen to music.
(Your motorcycle must be equipped with an optional wired or wireless H-D Genuine Motorparts and Accessories headset and iPhone 5 or later to enable CarPlay.

For more information Check out this link: 

BAKER’s Black Friday Special

By | General News

BAKER’s Black Friday Special:

Limited reserve, first come first serve

BAKER Drivetrain has popular products set aside for extreme discounts on Black Friday. It’s a tiered system. When the most generous discounted price level of a given product is sold out, BAKER Drivetrain has reserved fallback quantities of that product to be sold for a lesser, but still a very impressive, deal.

For example, when the $1700 GrudgeBox becomes sold out, BAKER has set aside more of them to be sold for $2500 (The GrudgeBox retails at $3395). The deals taper off.

BAKER Drivetrain will only tell their BAKER Gearhead Newsletter subscribers on how to access the Black Friday web page that lists all the discount codes. Sometime within the next week, at an undisclosed time, the exclusive email link will be sent out to only the subscribers…and the race begins.

BAKER Drivetrain compels those who are interested to subscribe to their newsletter now. Maintaining one’s subscription helps ensure that he or she is aware of future deals, as well as other interesting messages coming from BAKER. Enthusiasts can sign up at the bottom of any page, or via the popup that appears, at www.bakerdrivetrain.com.

Those interested can learn more about this Black Friday promotion and also sign up for a BAKER Gearhead email newsletter subscription here:


COMPLETE Cam Chest Kits for the Milwaukee Eight Engine

By | New Product News

COMPLETE Cam Chest Kits for the Milwaukee Eight Engine

Always on top of performance and reliability, S&S Cycle recently launched their complete Cam Chest Kits designed specifically to update t6he M8 engines with the latest in pump, plate and cam technology. They’ve put together sixteen unique kits designed to match your bike, performance demands and riding style combining all of the best components into one perfectly matched package.

Kits include Cam, Outer Drive Gears for Gear Drive Kits, Cam Plate, Tappets, Tappet Cuffs, High Flow Oil Pump, Quickee Pushrod Kit and all bearings and gaskets needed for installation. Each part is designed to work with everything around it and create optimum power and reliability for 2017-2019 M8 Powered big twins. Each kit includes their new oil pump featuring 44% increase in flow and 58% increase in scavenge paired with either a Torque or Hp cam and even black or chrome pushrod tubes. More importantly, the kits are comprised of parts designed to work perfectly together and make serious and reliable power! Check out the details on their site at  https://www.sscycle.com/cam-chest-kits-for-m8/

Complete ProBEAM Universal LED Turn Signals

By | New Product News

Complete ProBEAM Universal LED Turn Signals

Press Release: ProBEAM, the premium line of LED turn signals, is now available in universal applications! These Billet aluminum bullet housings can be installed on any 12VDC System with a negative ground and are available with a Chrome or Gloss Black anodized finish. These Universal ProBEAM LED Turn Signals are built with ProBEAM LED turn signal inserts behind a DOT/SAE compliant lens. Utilizing advanced LED technology, ProBEAM LED Turn Signals maximize performance with an innovative reflector design and the most superior automotive grade LEDs available. ProBEAM LED turn signals produce an even brighter light output with a wider viewing angle than the popular Custom Dynamics Genesis LED turn signals and can be used with ProBEAM Bullet Bezels for a custom finish! The state-of-the-art ProBEAM LED Turn Signals are DOT and SAE Compliant and are backed by the Custom Dynamics Lifetime LED Warranty. Each unit has a 5/16 – 20 mounting stud and measures 3.125″ Long x 2.25″ Diameter. 

$189.95-$199.95 (pair)

For more information call Custom Dynamics toll free at 1-800-382-1388, visit www.customdynamics.com, or contact your local Drag Specialties dealer. 

Star Tron Winter Prep 2019

By | New Product News

Star Tron Winter Prep 2019 

Prepare Bikes for Off Season Storage  

Make Sure It Starts in the Spring

Now that temperatures are dropping, it’s time to prepare motorcycles, and other gas-powered equipment for off season storage. However, you need to do more than “just stabilize” fuel.  

All fuel needs to be stabilized to help prevent it from degrading during storage. Stabilizing is especially important for ethanol-blended fuel because ethanol and gasoline cannot form a chemical bond; as fuel ages, evaporation and oxidation can lead to gums and other debris that clogs carburetors and fuel injectors, making engines run rough or suddenly become difficult to start. The engines are fine – it is the fuel that is the problem. 

Star Tron Enzyme Fuel Treatment is engineered to protect fuel during winter storage. The enzymes help maintain fuel quality for up to 2 years to ensure easy, smoke-free starts. Star Tron’s enzymes also allow for a more complete burn of the fuel charge for easy starts, maximum power and improved fuel economy. A more complete burn of the fuel charge also helps prevent carbon deposits, keeping engines running clean with significantly reduced emissions. Star Tron helps treat water issues caused by condensation by breaking apart clumps of water molecules into tiny submicron-sized droplets that can be safely eliminated while the engine is running. When it’s time to ride, engines running Star Tron-treated fuel start easy and run smooth. 

Used year-round, Star Tron Enzyme Fuel Treatment keeps all engines starting easily and running smoothly. For more information, visit www.startron.com or call (800) 327-8583.

Mustang’s Popular Wide Tripper Now Available for Indian

By | New Product News

Mustang’s Popular Wide Tripper Now Available for Indian

A stylish, sporty and comfortable upgrade for Indian heavyweights.

The latest addition to Mustang’s growing Indian® Motorcycle portfolio ditches the classic chrome studs and leather fringe for updated sporty styling plus a host of rider-friendly features. Available for all ’14-later Chief®, Chieftain®, Springfield® and Roadmaster® models, the new 2-up Mustang Wide Tripper features a streamlined one-piece design that places riders slightly lower and further back compared to the stock seat. 

The low-cut driver area sits the rider comfortably “in” the motorcycle rather than “on” it, offering easier ground reach and commanding control. A high-quality expanded vinyl cover offered in black or distressed brown provides the appearance of leather with added durability to withstand harsh elements. The hand-sewn covers feature a unique diamond-stitch design for a true off-the-shelf custom appearance. 

The Wide Tripper is offered with or without a fully adjustable and easily removable driver backrest that provides fully tailored lumbar support with its fore/aft and up/down positioning. The built-in driver backrest receiver is mounted directly to the baseplate, offering easy tool-less installation and removal.

Made in the U.S.A., all Mustang seats are handcrafted and shaped with a proprietary controlled-density polyurethane-based foam that requires no break-in period and retains its shape after years of use. The patented foam compound provides even weight distribution and support across the Wide Tripper’s 13” wide driver area and 10” wide passenger area. 

Wide Tripper

• P/N 75397 – Black: $319.99

• P/N 75398 – Brown: $329.99

Wide Tripper w/ Driver Backrest

• P/N 79666 – Black: $479.99

• P/N 79667 – Brown: $499.99

For more information, visit www.mustangseats.com.

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