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NCOM Biker Newsbytes

By | Biker's Rights

NCOMNCOM Biker Newsbytes

Compiled & Edited by Bill Bish,
National Coalition of Motorcyclists (NCOM)

EPA Admits Ethanol Causes Environmental Damage
“The federal requirement to blend ethanol into gasoline on the theory that it will reduce the hypothetical global warming that hasn’t appeared yet has been a joke from the start,” states a newsbit circulated by Bikernet.com, and that “By adding a huge amount of demand for corn, it did push up prices for that commodity, and made vast swaths of the rural Midwest prosperous, though it has injured poor Mexicans and others who depend on corn for a substantial portion of their nutrition and driven up the price of feed used for animals, raising meat prices.”

The net energy balance of ethanol production – subtracting the amount of energy necessary to grow the corn, transport it to refineries, and then transport the ethanol to gasoline producers, has been considered a substantial net energy gain.  But now the EPA has finally issued a new report and admits that the ethanol mandate comes at a considerable environmental cost.

The Public News Service summarizes:  “Federal law requires the EPA to assess the environmental impact of the fuel standard every three years, but the new report, issued in July, was four years overdue.  According to David DeGennaro with the National Wildlife Federation, the report documents millions of acres of wildlife habitat lost to ethanol crop production, increased nutrient pollution in waterways and air emissions and side effects worse than the gasoline the ethanol is replacing.”

“The bigger surprise is the fact that ethanol production and combustion significantly increases the production of nitrous oxides (Nox),” notes HotAir.com“This combines with oxygen in the atmosphere when exposed to sunlight, producing ozone…and actually contributes to the formation of smog and leads to respiratory ailments for many people.”

None of this speaks to the excessive costs that ethanol forces on drivers and auto manufacturers, says Bikernet.com, concluding that; “Alas, the mandate is so popular with corn farmers in Iowa, home of the first round of presidential nominations, that President Trump (and other politicians) not only maintain the mandate, President Trump recently told an audience in Iowa that he was ‘very close’ to having EPA issue a waiver to the Clean Air Act to allow year-round sale of E-15.”

Synthetic Petrol Is On Its Way
The concept of fuel for your bike that doesn’t drain our dwindling oil reserves and offsets its C02 emissions with its very production is closer than we think, according to MotorcycleNews.com“For decades, boffins have been trying to work out ways to synthesize petrol (gasoline) and diesel, but with recent strides by Ducati owners Audi and tech giants Bosch, synfuels could hit our pumps within the next decade.”

The theory is to harness our natural resources to make petrol and diesel and be able to produce it on an industrial scale so that prices can match current fuel costs.

“The new fuel has many advantages.  It isn’t dependent on crude oil, it is compatible with the existing infrastructure and it offers the prospect of a closed carbon cycle,” says Reiner Mangold, head of sustainable product development at Audi.

A huge amount of energy is necessary to process the fuel, but Audi and Bosch’s plans involve a renewable energy source, such as solar or hydroelectric, to power the process.  They say renewable electricity can make the process carbon neutral.

When combined with a potential carbon-free production process, it means internal combustion could be part of the environmental solution rather than the problem.

While all this might sound like science fiction, Audi produced their first synthetic petrol earlier this year, called e-Benzin, and is currently constructing a diesel production plant in Switzerland powered by hydroelectricity from a nearby dam.  Mass production of this petrol is the next obvious step.

Accidents & Fatalities Down At Sturgis, Despite Bigger Crowd
The number of fatal crashes during the Sturgis Motorcycle Rally was half that of last year’s count, according to statistics released by the South Dakota Highway Patrol.  During the two-week event, there were four fatal crashes, compared to eight during the same time period last year.  Both injury and non-injury accidents were down more than 10% compared to 2017, and total citations issued during Sturgis were also down nearly ten percent to 987.

Meanwhile, more than half a million vehicles rolled into the small western South Dakota town of 6,900.  Data gathered by the South Dakota Department of Transportation from nine locations around Sturgis show a nearly 8% increase in traffic over last year, which saw 469,100 vehicles.

For this year’s 78th annual Sturgis Motorcycle Rally, the tally was 505,969 vehicles, which includes motorcycles, automobiles, trucks and motor homes.  Still, the number was shy of the 2015 traffic, when 747,032 vehicles rolled into the city for the 75th annual rally.

Motorcycle Industry Trying To Attract New Riders
Motorcycling in America is getting a makeover, as industry stalwarts and upstart competitors are trying to attract new riders who want something different from Harley’s big burbling cruisers or screaming Japanese and European performance bikes, says CNNMoney.

The changes are in response to younger riders who are attracted to the efficiency and fun of two-wheel travel, but who don’t want to buy into all the “biker” baggage.

“Millennials and Gen X’ers, they aren’t always seeking to make motorcycling a lifestyle, where it’s kind of everything you live for,” said Tim Buche, president and CEO of the Motorcycle Industry Council.  These younger riders are looking for motorcycles suited to a more casual relationship rather than a serious commitment.

With shifting tastes, some start-up motorcycle makers are offering “green” electric bikes, without the noise, vibration and pollutants of an internal combustion engine, while more well-established brands are putting design emphasis on spare simplicity, targeted at a more casual rider.

Even long-venerated Harley-Davidson announced it will start offering products aimed at reaching customers who aren’t traditionally drawn to its renowned American retro-styled offerings, and will produce their first electric motorcycle — the all-new LiveWire — in 2019.

Harley Refutes ‘Misinformation’ About Moving Production Offshore
Harley-Davidson Inc. Chief Executive Officer Matt Levatich pushed back against what he called “misinformation” surrounding the Motor Company’s announced plans to move some production overseas.

The iconic American motorcycle maker has been the subject of angry tweets from President Donald Trump since announcing in June it would move some production abroad to sidestep tariffs the European Union slapped on its bikes in retaliation to Trump’s tariffs on imported steel and aluminum.

According to Bloomberg business news, “the spat heated up recently when President Trump said he would support a boycott of the company if it moved production overseas.”  Trump’s pronouncement that “A Harley-Davidson should never be built in another country-never!,” came a day after he welcomed nearly 200 ‘Bikers For Trump’ supporters to his golf course in Bedminster, New Jersey, and a New York Times article cited some Harley-Davidson owners criticizing the company at the Sturgis Motorcycle Rally saying this was their last Harley.

Levatich said that the uproar surrounding the company’s earlier announcement that it would move some of its production overseas “misinformation”.  He reminded employees and dealers that the purpose of this move is to keep their products competitive in their second biggest market.  Harley doesn’t sell motorcycles in the U.S. that are built overseas, and that won’t change, Levatich said.

New Mexico MRO Calls Out Sheriffs Deputies For Profiling Bikers
A motorcycle rights group in New Mexico is calling out the Bernalillo County Sheriff, claiming his deputies are profiling motorcyclists.  “Being profiled, it’s not a comfortable feeling,” said Raymond Gallegos of the New Mexico Motorcycle Rights Organization (NMMRO), saying there’s been a string of incidents with BCSO, prompting them to write a letter to Sheriff Manuel Gonzales.

Some see the patches, the leather and certain colors on riders and assume criminal.  However, Gallegos, vice chair of the NMMRO, says that’s far from the truth.  “So many of our organizations really benefit the community.  We’re working for charities, we’re raising money for this organization or that organization,” he told KRQE News 13.

Gallegos says members of the NMMRO have reported three incidents over the last year that call into question BCSO’s practices.  It led the group to write a letter to Sheriff Gonzales that calls out the department for harassing, intimidating and even photographing riders.

So, NMMRO set up a meeting for July 30 with the sheriff.  “We really wanted to see how our community and BCSO could work together to get ahead of this profiling issue,” he said. “That was the intent of this meeting with the sheriff’s department.”

However, the meeting was canceled at the 11th hour and the department told KRQE that there’s an ongoing operation to address reckless motorcyclists, but that deputies do not profile riders.

A re-do meeting has since been rescheduled, though NMMRO says it’s also pursuing anti-profiling legislation, and is encouraging its members who were allegedly profiled to seek legal counsel.

Waco ‘Twin Peaks’ Update
To keep readers apprised of the ongoing travesty of ‘Waco’ — the May 2015 shootout involving police and club members attending a legislative meeting at the Twin Peaks Restaurant that left nine bikers dead and 20 wounded — AIM/NCOM Founder Richard Lester would like to share the following information gleaned from Southwest Scooter News:

Prosecutors and an attorney for Jacob Carrizal, the Dallas Bandidos chapter president, have agreed to postpone the retrial of the Twin Peaks biker shootout defendant, which had been set for September 10, 2018.  Carrizal is the first and only defendant to stand trial so far, and his first trial ended in a hung jury and mistrial in November 2017.

In a joint motion for a continuance, Robert Moody, McLennan County first assistant district attorney, and Chris Lewis, Carrizal’s attorney, cite the volume of evidence needed to be reviewed, plus evidence federal prosecutors have agreed to share from the separate trial of two former Bandidos national leaders that both sides want to see, according to the Waco Tribune.

Besides McLennan County prosecutors, attorneys representing defendants in federal civil rights lawsuits filed over the mass arrests of 193 bikers after the Twin Peaks incident also have cited the need to see federal evidence from a Bandidos racketeering case in San Antonio as a reason for postponing proceedings in the civil cases.

Prosecutors re-indicted Carrizal and 23 other Twin Peaks defendants earlier this summer on riot charges and have said they do not intend to pursue the identical ‘engaging in organized criminal activity’ charges on which 155 bikers were indicted three years ago.  Of those 155 cases, with defendants being held in jail for months on a million dollars bail each, all but 27 have been dismissed.

In the meantime, as his term grows short, Waco District Attorney Abel Reyna — who failed in his re-election bid largely over his mishandling of the “Twin Peaks Shootout” cases — is settling old scores before leaving office by firing prosecutor Amanda Dillon, the last of Reyna’s remaining employees who provided information to the FBI during its investigation of DA Reyna, effectively blaming her for the mistrial in the Carrizal case.

Hanoi To Ban Motorcycles
Vietnamese authorities have announced plans to ban motorcycles in Hanoi by 2030 in a bid to cut air pollution and improve locals’ quality of life.  The country’s capital, Hanoi, is home to 7.7 million people and is one of the most polluted cities in Southeast Asia and only 38 days last year had air quality that was considered good by the World Health Organization.

The city is famous for its millions of motorcycles (5m), and it is these — together with coal-fired power plants, heavy industry, a surge in construction projects and the seasonal agricultural burning — which authorities are blaming for the pollution.

In an attempt to combat the air quality problem and boost public transport, Hanoi city council announced in early August that powered two-wheelers would be banned by 2030.

Quotable Quote:  “If you want to call the NFL to make your voice heard,” ask for Mike in the P.R. Office (212-450-2000) and “let them know the players need to respect our National Anthem and the Veterans of the United States.  No profanity, be polite!”

~ from Gill Mellon, ABATE of California board member and liaison to the Confederations of Clubs

The AIM/NCOM Motorcycle E-News Service is brought to you by Aid to Injured Motorcyclists (A.I.M.) and the National Coalition of Motorcyclists (NCOM), and is sponsored by the Law Offices of Richard M. Lester. If you’ve been involved in any kind of accident, call us at 1-(800) ON-A-BIKE or visit www.ON-A-BIKE.com.

Easyriders Motorcycle Rodeo – THIS WEEKEND!

By | Events

FowlervilleEasyriders Motorcycle Rodeo- THIS WEEKEND!

Easyriders Motorcycle Rodeo Returns to Fowlerville, Michigan August 17-19

Three-Day Motorcycle Rally and Festival Features Concerts by Saving Abel, The Lacs and MORE! Returning Crowd Favorites Include NTC Drift Trike Races, Ride-In Bike Show, Classic Motorcycle Rodeo Events, and On-Site Campout.

Easyriders Events announces their 25th anniversary of its annual Motorcycle Rodeo at the Fowlerville Fairgrounds from August 17th through the 19th where more than 5,000 motorcycle enthusiasts will converge for three days of on-site camping, dirt track motorcycle rodeo competitions on two-wheeled steel ponies, and live concerts; from biker blues to hard-hitting rock. Plus check out some of the best motorcycle-lifestyle related vendors in the country, a ride-in bike show, classic rally games and events and much more.

When the sun goes down, the party gets started at the stage. Saving Abel kicks the party off on Friday night, followed by Saturday night’s country rap artists The Lacs! A weekend wristband grants the holder access to all event areas, while a day pass will allow one-day access to the venue, limited to the event’s midway (excludes campsite). All are able to view concerts and attractions at no additional charge.

Beyond the stage, Rodeo attendees will be able to camp on-site for the duration of the event, with early bird camping beginning on Thursday, August 16th at 12pm. Easyriders Events offers all amenities on-site for guests including shower and bathroom facilities, allowing enthusiasts to maximize their time on-site throughout the weekend. “Easyriders Rodeos are strictly 18 and over events that offer unparalleled opportunity for participants to transcend their normal everyday lives and really let their hair down. For many, these events are an annual getaway from work, the kids and the stresses of everyday life,” says Kari Roben, Event Manager.

For those who want to get in on the rodeo action, the dirt track offers something for everyone. Attendees can participate in the fan favorite NTC Drift Trike Races, sliding their way across the dirt in a race to the finish line or the ever-popular Barstool Races, in which they race –you guessed it– a motorized barstool against friends and strangers through a winding track bordered by hay bales. The action-packed races are just as exciting to participate in as they are to watch from the grandstands – as they always deliver unbeatable entertainment. There are a variety of additional events that are open to the public, and the sign-up price of one rodeo event is included in the price of a weekend wristband. Details are available on- site and all are encouraged to participate and truly become a part of the rodeo experience.

FowlervilleThere will be a multitude of unique motorcycle-related vendors setting up shop on the show’s midway; including motorcycle professionals, builders, parts & accessories manufacturers, riding gear, leathersmiths and jewelry designers. The picturesque town of Fowlerville sits just minutes from the city of Howell – attracting many for its beautiful riding country and secluded atmosphere. The Fairgrounds are a short distance from most major metropolitan areas in Michigan’s Lower Peninsula, Northern Ohio and Eastern Indiana, making the Easyriders Rodeo in Fowlerville, Michigan a favorite adults-only summer destination.

New H-D Moto Collection Launches A Styling Intersection Of Sleek & Modern

By | Clothing, New Product News

Moto CollectionNew H-D Moto Collection Launches A Styling Intersection Of Sleek & Modern

Press Release: Putting a modern twist on the authentic Harley-Davidson brand, the H-D Moto Collection portrays a signature look with a sophisticated twist. This apparel collection will keep any look casual yet sleek with a classic moto-inspired touch.

Moto Collection

Temerity Slim Fit Leather Jacket

Both the men’s Temerity Slim Fit Leather Jacket (P/N 98047-19VM, $475*) and women’s Tenacity Leather Jacket (P/N 98049-19VW, $450*) feature two side vents that help keep riders cool in warm weather. Stretch fabrics along with strategic placement of body armor pockets allow for more flexibility and comfort while riding. Both jacket styles feature simple and modern details, making these functional jackets the perfect choice for the rider seeking a more subtle and sophisticated expression of the H-D brand.

Keep a look casual yet sophisticated in the men’s Stretch Long Sleeve Slim Fit Shirt (P/N 99150-19VM, $90*). This slim fit shirt designed with high-density graphics on the upper back and left chest add a subtle detail to a classic button front shirt.

Moto Collection

Long Line Logo Hoodie

Stay warm and comfortable in the women’s Long Line Logo Hoodie (P/N 99176-19VW, $110*). This zipper front hoodie features snap hand-warmer pockets and a longer-length silhouette. The tonal studded Bar & Shield logo placed on the back of this hoodie puts a modern twist on a classic piece.

Moto Collection

Slim Fit Tee

The men’s Chest Stripe Slim Fit Tee (P/N 99256-19VM, $55*) offers a simple long-sleeve tee with a modern fit and moto-inspired design.

Like the men’s Chest Stripe Slim Fit Tee, the women’s Wing Sleeve Tee (P/N 99127-19VW, $60*) features subtle wing graphics on each sleeve to add a sleek design to a classic tee. Perfect for layering, this long sleeve tee keeps it casual yet sophisticated.

Harley-Davidson Riding Gear & Apparel is available at more than 750 authorized retail locations in the United States and online.

Metalsport Inc. Introduces the Delusion and Revamps the Trillion 

By | New Product News

MetalsportMetalsport Inc. Introduces the Delusion and Revamps the Trillion 

Press Release: Metalsport Wheels is proud to introduce our latest wheel design for 2018. Always starting with USA forged wheel blanks made from 6061-T6 prime aluminum, this wheel is machined to the last detail. 

The “Delusion” features six spokes with a slight twist. Each spoke has the inlay that allows the customer to personalize it or not. As seen here, the chrome version without any inlay coloring and one with the “copper” coloring. Sizes start from the 16×3.5 up to and including the monster 32”. 

The Delusion is available in three finishes, chrome, all black anodized and chrome with color matching to provide a chance to do some color matching (there are other colors to choose from). 

MetalsportWe also revisited one of our designs, the “Trillion.” We revamped it by giving a complete makeover – the main five spokes extended from the hub to the lip plus we added the inlay to allow for color matching. As seen in the picture, we offer multiple colors for the inlay area. Sizes start from the 16×3.5 up to and including the monster 32”. 

All our wheels come with hubs and we offer matching rotors, pulleys and sprockets. We can even offer the wheel already mounted with your choice of tire, Vee Rubber or Shinko. 

If you have questions about application for your bike, call us at (562) 776-9594. 

About Metalsport Wheels
Metalsport offers a full line of 3D and 2D finished wheels featuring over 25 designs including the Chip Foose exclusive line. We have one of the largest selections of wheel sizes in the USA. Wheel sizes start from the 16” wheel to their monster 34” wheel. All wheels come with options to add matching rotors, pulleys, sprockets. 

Vans/Cult V-Twin Grip Set

By | New Product News

Vans/Cult V-Twin Grip Set

Man, you need Vans! Two Southern California originals have teamed up to create a modern-day classic design for your V-Twin Motorcycle. Designed by Cult, the Vans/Cult V-Twin Grips feature the classic Vans waffle sole pattern with a subtle domed center section for improved ergonomics and vibration dampening. Each pair are constructed in-house at ODI using our proprietary grip compounds for a consistent feel that provides exceptional control in all conditions.

Product Features:

• Available in 5 Colors: Black, Classic Orange, Gum Rubber, Ox Blood, Brown

• Both 1” and 7/8” Handlebar tments available

• 125mm Length

• Sold In Pairs

• Proudly made in the USA by ODI



PART NO:            DESCRIPTION                                                                                     MSRP

B01VTB                 Vans/Cult, V-Twin Single-Ply, 7/8″, Black                               $19.95

B01VTBN             Vans/Cult, V-Twin Single-Ply, 7/8″, Brown                            $19.95

B01VTDR              Vans/Cult, V-Twin Single-Ply, 7/8″, Ox Blood                       $19.95

B01VTGR             Vans/Cult, V-Twin Single-Ply, 7/8″, Gum Rubber               $19.95

B01VTO                Vans/Cult, V-Twin Single-Ply, 7/8″, Orange                          $19.95

–          NOTE:  7/8” Features 7/8 Clutch Side and 1” Throttle Side Grips

B02VTB                 Vans/Cult, V-Twin Single-Ply, 1″, Black                                   $19.95

B02VTBN             Vans/Cult, V-Twin Single-Ply, 1″, Brown                                $19.95

B02VTDR              Vans/Cult, V-Twin Single-Ply, 1″, Ox Blood                           $19.95

B02VTGR             Vans/Cult, V-Twin Single-Ply, 1″, Gum Rubber                    $19.95

B02VTO                Vans/Cult, V-Twin Single-Ply, 1″, Orange                               $19.95

–          NOTE:  1” Features 1” Clutch Side and 1-1/8” Throttle Side Grips

NEW –  S&S Quickee Pushrod Tube Kits in Black

By | New Product News

NEW –  S&S Quickee Pushrod Tube Kits in Black

S&S Cycle’s Quickee pushrod tube kits are a fundamental part of any v-twin cam install and have saved thousands of hours of service time since they launched years ago. Cut the stock pushrods, install the Quickee pushrods and adjust to length, no need to pull off the top end of the motor.

Their latest version includes gloss black powder coated tubes designed to complete the blacked out look of a well appointed motor while still adding subtle contrast against the matte finish of the cylinders. Available for the 1999-2017 big twins as well as 2017-2018 M8 applications as complete kits with Quickee pushrods or just blacked out covers. Check out the details at www.sscycle.com/black-pushrods/

Garage-Girls Announces Ultimate Biker Makeover 2018 Winner!

By | General News

Garage-GirlsGarage-Girls Announces Ultimate Biker Makeover 2018 Winner!

Press Release: Garage-Girls are proud to announce the Ultimate Biker Makeover winner for 2018; Karen Anderson.  Karen was selected out of over 74 entries to this years contest from the story and photo’s that were submitted.  This is the 10th year for the annual contest that is fueled by the goal of helping a fellow rider stay out riding on the road.

Contestants (Girls and Guys) were asked to submit a 600 words or less essay – describing why they are most in need of a biker makeover as well as a photo. Deadline for entries was June 22nd 2018. Submissions were narrowed down to the final four by selected judges from Garage-Girls. From there, the judges had to make the tough decision of who they felt most deserved the Ultimate Biker Makeover. “Karen’s story of powering through not only one type of cancer diagnosis and treatment, but 4 was pretty compelling. How does one get through a blow like that? We all just couldn’t get over how tough this must have been for Karen, but were happy to read that riding her motorcycle to chemo and radiation was what empowered her through it all.  This confirmed to us all that we needed to help this woman stay out riding on the road.  Riding was how she was surviving.”  —Sara Liberte, owner of Garage-Girls

Karen will be getting hooked up with a bunch of prizes which include; A wardrobe of shoes from Harley-Davidson Footwear, a case of full synthetic oil from Spectro Oils, A new Corbin motorcycle seat, cleaning supplies from Star-Brite Solutions, and surprise gear from S&S Cycle, Memphis Shades, and Bare Knuckle Choppers.

The focus of the Garage-Girls Ultimate Biker Makeover is to “Hook a Rider Up” and help them replace their worn, busted parts and gear. Garage-Girls

“For the last 10 years our contest has allowed guys and girls to submit a short story along with a photo of why they need some new gear for their “Body” and “Machine”, it’s a great feeling being able to help a fellow rider get back out on the road with that much needed wind time.” —Sara Liberte, founder garage-girls.com

Vance and Hines Stainless 2-into-1 Upsweep

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UpsweepVance and Hines Stainless 2-into-1 Upsweep

Press Release: Refined from four decades of on-track competition, the Stainless 2-into-1 Upsweep looks and acts the part, hand TIG-welded of high grade (ASTM A269) 304 stainless steel with a brushed “works” finish and engineered to maximize torque and power out of the Milwaukee-Eight powerplant.

Features include: 

High Grade 304 Stainless Steel (ASTM A269)

Megaphone Muffler

Oversized 2-into-1 Merge Collector

Race Inspired Heat Shield

Fits Forward & Mid Controls

Fitment: Softail Fat Bob, Street Bob, Slim, Deluxe, Low Rider

Will not fit: 2018 Fat Boy, Breakout, Heritage Classic, & Sport Glide

Vance & Hines designs and manufacturers high quality aftermarket performance accessories including exhaust, air intake and fuel management systems for American v-twin, metric cruiser, sportbike and off-road motorcycles. All Vance & Hines products are designed and manufactured in the United States at its facilities in Southern California and Indiana. For more information, please visit vanceandhines.comfacebook.com/vanceandhines and youtube.com/vanceandhines.

Vance and Hines



Make It Personal With New Harley-Davidson Custom Paint

By | New Product News
Custom Paint


Make It Personal With New Harley-Davidson Custom Paint

Press Release: Three brand new 2019 Harley-Davidson Limited Custom Paint Sets allow riders to express their personality and stand out from the crowd with their bikes. Be the first to let your local authorized Harley-Davidson dealer know you want to be the first on the street with these early 2019 offerings.

Custom Paint

La Jolla

The La Jolla Limited Custom Paint Set was created for the rider who rides to get noticed. Featuring a vibrant chrome-yellow base with a gold pearl sheen and a bright orange undertone, it’ll catch everyone’s eye. Vivid Black slash graphics add a more subtle touch. The La Jolla Limited Custom Paint set fits 2018 and later Breakout models.

Visually representing Harley-Davidson performance, the Grandstand Limited Custom Paint Set fits 2014 and later Road King, 2015 and later Road Glide and 2014 and later Street Glide models. The black denim and fierce orange base is split by brushed aluminum and then highlighted with warm red pinstripes. Only 150 sets will be offered worldwide for all three touring models.

Custom Paint


The Tagged Limited Custom Paint Set represents what Harley-Davidson has strived to do since 1903: inspire people to find their own freedom. This set is about stepping outside of the comfort zone and living free-er. A gunmetal base with a satin finish and hand-ground metal grind markings add an edgy touch. Tag lines that feature graphic messaging of freedom add unique detailing to this set that fits 2018 and later Fat Bob and Street Bob models. Only 150 sets will be offered worldwide. Check out this behind the scenes video on its creation.

The authenticity embodied in all three of these paint sets is proven with a hand-written certificate for each owner.

Harley-Davidson Genuine Motor Parts and Accessories are available at more than 750 authorized retail locations in the United States and online. Download or request a free printed catalog at www.H-D.com/catalogs.

Ancra Gradual Release Tie Downs

By | New Product News

ancraAncra Gradual Release Tie Downs

Press Release: These tie downs from MidUSA feature Ancra’s gradual release system built into the ratchet that enables the user to back the ratchet off one click at a time, eliminating the exploding ratchet that pops open forcefully under load. 

ancraGreat for leveling the bike on a trailer or reducing the compression on the front shocks, without having to release all of the webbing and retighten. Top of the line 1.5” wide tie down has a working load capacity of 600 pounds per strap, and measures 66” in overall length with a sewn hand loop.

Made with 4,500 lb rated aircraft quality nylon webbing, engineered to withstand weather and abrasion. This is Ancra’s strongest, most secure ratcheting tie down, perfect for transporting heavy cruisers.

Uses Ancra’s patented 1,800 lb rated heavy duty cam buckle with pressure plate, for a non-slip lock with two 1,200 lb rated vinyl-coated S hooks per strap.

These are available in black or red. and sold in pairs. 

Visit us at www.mid-usa.com to see these and other new products offered by Mid-USA. Mid-USA Motorcycle Parts
1-800-527-0501 in the USA

1-800-893-9261 in Canada

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