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NCOM Biker Newsbytes

By | Biker's Rights

NCOMNCOM Biker Newsbytes

Compiled & Edited by Bill Bish,
National Coalition of Motorcyclists (NCOM)

Congressman Tim Walberg Accepts NCOM Silver Spoke Award
Congressman Tim Walberg (R-MI) was selected as this year’s recipient of the NCOM Silver Spoke Award for Government.  Unfortunately, he was not able to attend the 34th Annual NCOM Convention in Orlando, Florida to receive the award in May, so it was brought to Washington, D.C. recently and presented there by several members of the NCOM Board of Directors.

NCOM Confederation of Clubs Liaison “Boar”, Region IV Co-Director Ed Schetter and Region VII Co-Director John Bilotta were in the nation’s capital taking part in the Motorcycle Riders Foundation “Bikers Inside the Beltway” and meeting with their legislators and staff members.  During the visit to the Capitol, they met with Congressman Walberg and personally presented the award on behalf of the National Coalition of Motorcyclists (NCOM) in recognition of his work in Congress for the benefit of all of America’s motorcycle riders.

Representative Walberg introduced the recently-passed House Resolution that addresses profiling of motorcyclists and he and Representative Michael Burgess (R-TX) head up the Congressional Motorcycle Caucus.

Missouri Governor Vetoes Repeal Of Motorcycle Helmet Law
Missouri Governor Mike Parson vetoed Senate Bill 147 on Friday, July 12, a bill that would have allowed most adult motorcycle riders to ride without helmets.  Despite voting in favor of such legislation in the past as a state legislator, the Republican governor blocked the omnibus transportation measure which, among other things, would have repealed Missouri’s helmet requirement for motorcyclists 18 and older who carry medical insurance.

Gov. Parson didn’t express opposition to relaxing helmet requirements for motorcyclists, but in a letter to lawmakers he wrote that he vetoed the bill because of a section that dealt with suspending driver’s licenses over unpaid fines related to traffic violations, which his office deemed to be unconstitutional.

Bikers rights activists and state lawmakers have been trying decades to repeal the helmet requirement, passing bills to do so in 1999 that was vetoed by then-Gov. Mel Carnahan, and again in 2009 that was vetoed by Gov. Jay Nixon, both Democrats.

“The Governor was looking forward to signing this bill and still supports freedom of choice,” wrote Jay Widmer, Legislative Coordinator for Freedom of Road Riders (FORR-MO) on their Facebook page.  “We are working toward a meeting with the Governor and his staff to work with them towards a remedy.”

North Carolina Legalizes Motorcyclists Wearing Face Masks
Like many states, North Carolina law generally “prohibits a person from wearing a mask, hood, or other device, to conceal the identity of the wearer,” with limited exceptions which now includes; “a person may wear a mask for the purpose of protecting the person’s head, face, or head and face, when operating a motorcycle.”

House Bill 257/Senate Bill 321 “An Act to permit the use of a face mask while operating a motorcycle,” was signed into law by Governor Ray Cooper (D) on July 11, 2019 and goes into effect December 1st.

Amidst nationwide furor over political groups like Antifa wearing masks while engaging in civil unrest, HB 257 passed the House on March 27 by a vote of 111-1 and companion bill SB 321 passed the Senate unanimously on June 27, 48-0.

Law enforcement officers in some states had begun stopping and citing motorcycle riders, particularly patch holders, for violating local anti-mask laws.

The new law will “require the person to remove the mask during traffic stops, checkpoints, roadblocks, or when approached by a law enforcement officer.”

New Washington Law Requires Liability Insurance For Motorcycles
Washington motorcycle owners must make sure their rides are insured once a new law goes into effect on July 28, 2019, requiring motorcycle operators to obtain and carry proof of liability insurance coverage when cruising on Washington’s roadways.

The new rules stem from House Bill 1014, which was signed into law in April by Governor Jay Inslee (D).  Unlike other motor vehicle drivers, in virtually every other state, motorcycle riders in Washington have previously been exempt from obtaining and carrying proof of insurance.

According to an April 23 statement from the bill’s sponsor, Rep. Bill Jenkin (R-Prosser), the law will require those operating a motorcycle to meet the insurance requirements, or equivalent, for registered motor vehicles under current law; 25/50/10 – Bodily Injury Liability Coverage: $25,000 per person and $50,000 per accident, and Property Damage Liability Coverage: $10,000.

Oregon To Include Motorcyclists Under “Vulnerable Roadway User”
Back in 2007, the Oregon legislature passed House Bill 3314, creating an enhanced penalty for careless driving if it contributes to serious physical injury or death to a “vulnerable user of a public way”, providing legal protections for non-motorized roadway users such as bicyclists and pedestrians.

The concept of “vulnerable roadway user” had previously been widely used by planners and safety organizations in Europe to categorize and describe non-motorized roadway users, incorporating the inherent vulnerability of humans who use the roads without the benefit of being encased in a 4-wheeled protective steel cage.

On June 11, 2019, Governor Kate Brown (D) signed Senate Bill 810 into law, modifying the definition of “vulnerable user of a public way” in Oregon to now include persons operating or riding on a moped or motorcycle.

Thousands Ride To Honor Seven Bikers Killed In New Hampshire Crash
More than 3,000 motorcyclists rode across New Hampshire on Saturday, July 6 on the “Ride for the Fallen 7” to honor seven bikers killed and three injured in a collision with an oncoming pickup truck in June, as state police escorted the group along the 90 mile route to the site of the deadly crash.

The victims were Marine veterans and their spouses, members of the Jarheads Motorcycle Club, who were traveling west on Route 2 on their way to a charity event, when a pickup truck and trailer crossed into their lane from the opposite direction, plowing through the pack, according to a criminal complaint.

Commercial trucker, 23-year-old Volodymyr Zhukovskyy of West Springfield, Mass., an immigrant from the Ukraine with a documented history of multiple drug and alcohol arrests and convictions in numerous states, has pleaded not guilty to seven charges of negligent homicide.

In the days following the fatal accident, the Massachusetts Department of Transportation revealed Zhukovskyy had received an intoxicated driving charge in Connecticut in May, which should have led to the termination of his Massachusetts commercial drivers license.

Massachusetts Governor Charlie Baker (R) has announced changes to the state’s Registry of Motor Vehicles, which include running all 5.2 million licenses through the National Driver Register to keep suspension information up to date and creating a new position to oversee safety and set requirements for commercial drivers in the state.

On July 13, as thousands more gathered at Gillette Stadium in Foxborough, Mass., for a memorial service organized by the Jarheads MC, New England Patriots NFL team owner Robert Kraft made a surprise appearance to present a $100,000 donation to the crash victims’ GoFundMe campaign.

Prank Lands Man In Jail For Attempted Murder Of Motorcyclist
Late one night, on the morning after Christmas, a 45-year-old motorcyclist in Japan got a rope tangled around his neck causing him to dump his bike, severely injuring his back and hip.  Luckily, the man who strung the rope across the road was caught on security camera footage, and Japanese police quickly tracked him down and charged him with attempted murder.

Japan Today reports that police arrested Koichi Deki, 41, who claims the rope strung across the road was nothing more than a “stress relieving prank.”  There is no indication whether Deki knew a motorcyclist was coming down the road when he tied a rope to a sign and a pole on the other side of the street, and he is quoted as saying he did it to relieve his stress and didn’t think his “rope prank” could kill anyone.

The motorcyclist hit the rope roughly 15 seconds after the rope was stretched across the road, according to the time code on the surveillance footage, and now the prankster faces a prison sentence of several years.

Ireland May Ban All New Gas-Powered Vehicle Sales After 2030
The Irish Government has reaffirmed its plans to ban the sale of new petrol and diesel vehicles by 2030, as part of a new strategy aimed at protecting the environment.

In 2015, the United Nations agreed to 17 Sustainable Development Goals, and Ireland’s recently released Climate Action Plan details how that nation intends to achieve them.  The greatest potential impact on Irish motorcyclists, according to Motorcycle Consumer News (MCN) involves halting the sale of all new non-electric vehicles by the year 2030, adding “It’s worth noting that nowhere in this plan is any mention made of motorcycles or other two-wheeled vehicles as having any considerations separate from those of all other vehicles.”

There is an ambitious plan to refine and develop an EV (electric vehicle) charging infrastructure throughout the country that can sustain 800,000 EVs by the 2030 deadline included, as well as possible consideration of an ICE (internal combustion engine) car scrappage program to be implemented as soon as 2020.

This is, according to MCN, partially in response to the UK potentially moving its 2040 ICE ban forward to 2032.  At this point, nine countries around the world have plans in place to begin phasing out ICE vehicles in the very near future.

Norway’s approach of incentivizing its citizens to adopt EVs over ICE vehicles resulted in an impressive 52% of cars sold in 2017 being EVs, according to Reuters.

The city of Amsterdam has also come forward to state it’ll be banning non-electric vehicles by 2030.

Ethiopia Bans Motorcycles In Capital City To Control Crimes
Officials in Ethiopia’s capital city Addis Ababa said a ban on motorcycle use will be implemented in the city starting from July 7, in a bid to curb rising criminality.

The capital city of an estimated 5 million plus population is generally considered a safe city, but rising incidences of violent crimes using motorcycles has alarmed residents and officials.

Mayor Takele Uma said criminals have in recent months been using motorcycles to engage in assaults and robberies, and that the motorcycle use ban was implemented in the city after a one-week long study revealed many criminal activities are done using motorcycles.

German Court Rules Sikhs Must Wear Helmets, No Exception
One of Germany’s top five federal courts has ruled that Sikh individuals are not exempt from country-wide motorcycle helmet laws.  The ruling was in response to an appeal by a Sikh man, who had argued that he could not successfully fit a helmet over his dastaar, the traditional turban that Sikh men (and some women) wear within their faith.

Federal Administrative Court of Leipzig presiding judge Renate Philipp said, in his ruling, “People wearing a turban on religious grounds are not for that reason alone exempt from the obligation to wear a helmet,” according to Deutsche Welle newspaper.

One argument the court made against the man’s claim is that wearing a helmet doesn’t only protect the rider — it also helps drivers avoid trauma if they cause injury to a rider without a helmet, and that any riders wearing helmets would more readily be able to assist others in an accident.

Several countries have exemptions from existing helmet laws for Sikh motorcyclists, including the UK, and the Canadian provinces of Alberta, Ontario, British Columbia and Manitoba.  Around the world, in places including Australia and India, exemptions and even proposals for exceptions draw a range of opinions from both Sikh and non-Sikh motorcyclists alike.

Quotable Quote:  “I am certain that nothing has done so much to destroy the juridical safeguards of individual freedom as the striving after this mirage of social justice.”

~ Friedrich August von Hayek (1899 – 1992), Austrian-born British economist & philosopher

The AIM/NCOM Motorcycle E-News Service is brought to you by Aid to Injured Motorcyclists (A.I.M.) and the National Coalition of Motorcyclists (NCOM), and is sponsored by the Law Offices of Richard M. Lester. If you’ve been involved in any kind of accident, call us at 1-(800) ON-A-BIKE or visit www.ON-A-BIKE.com.

Call On Missouri Governor To Sign Helmet Repeal Bill, SB 147

By | Biker's Rights

NCOMCall On Missouri Governor To Sign Helmet Repeal Bill, SB 147

As reported previously in NCOM Biker Newsbytes, biker activists in Missouri have succeeded in passing a helmet repeal bill through their state legislature and onto the desk of their governor, Senate Bill 147, which would allow those 18 and older who carry qualifying medical insurance the right to decide whether or not to wear a helmet when they ride.

Governor Mike Parson (R) has until July 15 to sign the bill into law, veto it or let it go into effect via “pocket pass” without his signature.

Although many stakeholders have expected Governor Parson to sign SB 147 into law, since he supported prior repeal efforts when he previously served in the state legislature, a recent CALL TO ACTION from Mark “Sparky” Capps of Freedom of the Road Riders (FORR-MO) states that “We heard today that the Governor is going to veto this legislation on Friday.  We need everyone (inside and outside of Missouri) who supports freedom of choice to call or email him NOW!”
You can call Governor Parson at (573) 751-3222, or email him directly at governor@state.mo.gov, and please be polite.

Red Line Synthetic Oil’s Line Of High-Performance V-Twin Products

By | New Product News

Keep Your Motorcycle On The Road This Summer With Red Line Synthetic Oil’s Line Of High-Performance V-Twin Products

Red Line Synthetic Oil, a leader in synthetic oils and additives, is excited to offer a line of high-performance lubricants designed specifically to prepare and maintain your V-Twin motorcycle this summer. These products include Red Line’s Motor Oil, V-Twin Transmission Oil and Primary Case Oil, RL-600 Brake Fluid and Complete Fuel System Cleaner for Powersports. Additionally, for V-Twin riders who need to perform a complete service on their bikes, Red Line offers the convenient V-Twin PowerPack®.

Most riders know that changing your engine oil is a must, but what you decide to put in your bike is equally important. Red Line’s 20W50 and 20W60 Motorcycle Oils offer advanced wear protection, extended drain intervals and lower oil temps up to 20 degrees Fahrenheit, as compared to other leading brands in the motorcycle segment. The 20W50 Motorcycle Oil is formulated for the majority of V-Twin engines and blended with specific friction modifiers that are suitable for wet clutches and JASO MA applications. Red Line’s 20W60 Motorcycle Oil is appropriate for V-Twins with wider clearances and those operating in extreme heat conditions.

The company’s V-Twin Transmission Oil with ShockProof® diminishes transmission noise, dramatically reduces operating temperatures, provides smoother shifts and helps riders find neutral. Red Line’s ShockProof additive is specifically engineered for transmissions that experience high loads and intense heat, reducing metal-to-metal contact of gear teeth and extending the life of the transmission.

Many riders remember to change their transmission fluid but often the clutch and primary chain are neglected. Designed for 1984 to present day V-Twin American motorcycles, Red Line’s V-Twin Primary Case Oil is approve for use with aftermarket clutches and is the perfect solution to maintain your bikes internals. Where most synthetics are too slippery for clutch operation, this friction-balanced solution provides less slip, smoother operation, helps to apply more power in modified engines and makes finding neutral effortless.

Moving on to one of the most important aspects of any motorcycle or vehicle, the brakes. Repeated hard braking generates a great amount of heat and places the brake fluid under immense pressure, both of which are detrimental to the operation of the brakes and can lead to brake fade. With a dry boiling point of 604 degrees Fahrenheit (318 C), Red Line’s RL-600 Brake Fluid is a DOT4 fluid developed to resist these issues and maintain lubricity, compressibility and viscosity under the most extreme conditions, perfect for heavy V-Twin bikes. It can be safely blended with DOT 3, DOT 4 and DOT 5.1 fluids.

Deposits can build up in carburetors and injectors in motorcycles driven infrequently, affecting fuel economy and overall performance. Red Line’s Complete Fuel System Cleaner for Powersports helps clean the deposits to return the engine to its original performance. Additionally, the product cleans intake valve and combustion chamber deposits, lubricates upper cylinder, enhances fuel stability and helps prevent detonation.

Designed for V-Twin riders who want everything in one convenient kit, the Red Line Oil V-Twin PowerPack comes with all of the fluids required to freshen up your V-Twin including five quarts of either 20W50 or 20W60 Motorcycle Oil, one quart of V-Twin Transmission Oil with ShockProof, one quart of V-Twin Primary Case Oil, one bottle of Complete Fuel System Cleaner for Powersports, a specially designed funnel, a Red Line hat and a Red Line Sticker Kit. Each V-Twin PowerPack has been rigorously assessed for compatibility and is sold with enough fluid for a complete lubricant change except for models requiring more than one quart of Primary Case Oil.

“Red Line Synthetic oil was founded on the principle of providing racers the best of the best,” said Willie McCoy at Red Line Synthetic Oil. “We’ve taken that mentality and applied it to all of our consumer products and this V-Twin line is no exception. Whether you’re about to head out on a 1,000-mile road trip or around the corner to the store, we’ve got the products to keep your V-Twin running properly.”

Founded in 1979, Red Line Synthetic Oil has created products for motor racing applications since its inception, with the philosophy that drivers need the best of the best. In 2007 they transferred this knowledge to the motorcycle industry to support riders by providing them with the best oils and additives available on the market. Red Line formulates fully-synthetic oils and advanced additives using the world’s finest ester and PAO base stocks, so riders can be sure their bikes are receiving the highest quality fluids.

For more information on Red Line Synthetic Oil, please visit www.redlineoil.com or follow Red LineSynthetic Oil on InstagramFacebook or LinkedIn.

About Red Line Synthetic Oil
In 1979, Red Line Synthetic Oil began creating lubricants for the racing industry. Today, Red LineSynthetic Oil manufactures more than 100 products, including motor oils, gear oils, ATFs, assembly lubes, fuel additives and the popular WaterWetter cooling additive for the automotive, motorcycle, marine and industrial markets. Red Line Synthetic Oil uses extensive knowledge of racing to create high-performance products for track cars and street vehicles. To find a dealer or order online, log on to www.redlineoil.com.

Sturgis Buffalo Chip Announces Full 2019 Lineup

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Sturgis Buffalo Chip Announces Full 2019 Lineup

 13 more acts round out 2019 lineup at the Largest Music Festival in Motorcycling!

The world’s largest motorcycle and music festival has announced the full two-week lineup of world-class concerts, professional racing, legendary bike shows and seriously fun events to take place during its 38th annual event July 29 – Aug. 11, 2019. Thirteen additional acts have signed on to join an entertainment lineup that already includes Keith Urban, Disturbed, Toby Keith, Snoop Dogg, Godsmack, George Thorogood and the Destroyers, Styx, Collective Soul, Dee Snider, Volbeat, Theory of a Deadman, Zakk Sabbath and others. The now 30+ entertainment acts in the lineup appear alongside the festival’s races and bike shows on the Buffalo Chip’s limited-edition 2019 commemorative poster. The full list of bands scheduled for 2019, the official lineup video and the poster can be found here: www.buffalochip.com/BANDS

2019 Limited Edition Commemorative Poster
For the third year in a row, the Buffalo Chip commissioned artist EZ Wheelin’ to create a limited-edition poster to commemorate its full entertainment lineup. The retro art depicts a larger-than-life Zakk Wylde setting the night ablaze by furiously shredding his guitar as pack of bikers rides out from between his legs. A limited run of 100 poster prints are available for purchase for $20 here: www.buffalochip.com/poster

Acts Added to the Concert Lineup
Nearly 3000 bands submitted for the chance at three spots in the 2019 Buffalo Chip lineup through the ReverbNation Road to the Buffalo Chip Opportunity. From this group the Buffalo Chip selected Lovesick Radio, Scattered Hamlet and The Heroine to get opening slots on the main stage, alongside fellow openers Creed Fisher, Stone Senate, The Wilson Brothers and the Charlie Brechtel Band, In addition to these bands, guests will have the opportunity to see the following acts on the Buffalo Chip’s multiple showcase stages during the event: Supersuckers, Big Skillet, BC and The Big Rig, The Hawkeyes, OddFellas, DJ Hulio and the Buffalo Dreamers.

The 2019 Concert and Races Lineup and Bike Show Schedule:

  • Monday, July 29 – Thursday, Aug. 1 – Bikini Beach Pre-Party with Big Skillet
  • Friday, Aug. 2
    Skid Row
    The Flaunt Girls
    Charlie Brechtel Bad
    Dirt Riot Off-Road Racing
    J&P Rodeo Games
  • Saturday, Aug. 3
    Keith Urban
    George Thorogood and The Destroyers
    Lovesick Radio
    Hunks: The Show
    Dirt Riot Off-Road Racing
    Buffalo Chip School’s Out Chopper Show
    Beers & Braaaps Craft Beer Tasting
  • Sunday, Aug. 4             Godsmack
    American Flat Track Buffalo Chip TT
    Bell Brawl at the Buffalo
    Carey Hart’s Good Ride
    Gambler 500 Rallycross
    Big Joe’s 7th Annual FXR Show & Dyna Mixer
    2nd Annual Buffalo Chip Rock n’ Roll Tattoo Contest
  • Monday, Aug. 5
    Collective Soul
    Stone Senate
    Celebrity Motocross Grand Opening
    Buffalo Chip V-Twin Visionary Performance Bike Show
    Minibike Flat Track Showdown
    Three-Dom Show & Shine
    Legends Ride and Legends Lunch
  • Tuesday, Aug. 6
    Dee Snider
    Scattered Hamlet
    Hunks: The Show
    Biker Belles “Forward Motion”
    Hooligan Hill Climb
    Buffalo Chip World’s Sexiest Bagger Bike Show
    Sportster Showdown
    Women and WheelsTM Bike Show
    Gambler 500 Minibike Endurocross
  • Wednesday, Aug. 7
    Snoop Dogg
    Theory of a Deadman
    Sturgis Buffalo Chip TT Super Hooligans with Roland Sands
    Street Drag Invitationals with Crazy John
    Women’s Street Drags
    Gambler Minibike 100
    Rusty Wallace Ride
    Florida Full Throttle All Brands Bike Show & Bagger Blastoff
  • Thursday, Aug. 8
    Toby Keith
    Pop Evil
    Creed Fisher
    Freedom Celebration
    Rat’s Hole World Famous Big Daddy Rat Bike Show
    Gambler 500 Hooptie Huck
  • Friday, Aug. 9
    Red Fang
    The Heroine
  • Saturday, Aug. 10
    Zakk Sabbath
    Reverend Horton Heat
    Wilson Brothers Band
    The Flaunt Girls Afterparty

Buffalo Chip concerts and races are free with camping. More information and reservations are available at BuffaloChip.com

About the Sturgis Buffalo Chip

The Sturgis Buffalo Chip is the Largest Music Festival in Motorcycling. It is the world’s first and leading entertainment destination for the motorcycle enthusiast, awarded AMA Track of the Year in 2016, American Flat Track Event of the Year and South Dakota Excellence in Tourism Innovation award winner in 2017. Since 1981, the venue’s high-profile, nine-day festival, known as The Best Party Anywhere, remains one of the world’s most televised and longest running independent music festivals. Located three miles east of Sturgis, SD on 600 creek-fed acres, it offers six stages of entertainment, a swimming hole, bars, mouth-watering food, showers, cabins, RVs, camping and more to visitors traveling from all corners of the world. The Chip’s concerts and races are free with camping. The Motorcycles as Art exhibit curated by Michael Lichter showcases the works of the world’s best bike builders. Numerous bike and stunt shows and all shopping, live music and events at the CrossRoads are free and open to the public. More details are available at www.BuffaloChip.com.

Lego Creator Expert Harley-Davidson Fat Boy

By | New Product News

Riders Rejoice As Lego Group Introduces Lego Creator Expert Harley-Davidson Fat Boy

Press Release: Today, The LEGO Group revealed its latest LEGO Creator Expert model – a Harley-Davidson Fat Boy that will cruise into LEGO Stores globally on August 1, 2019. 

Developed in collaboration with Harley-Davidson, this detailed LEGO interpretation of the iconic Milwaukee motorcycle captures the beauty of the real-life machine with finishes, surfaces, and design elements crafted to replicate the full-size Harley-Davidson Fat Boy. Featuring 1,023 pieces, the model comes complete with solid-disc wheels, teardrop fuel tank, integrated speedometer, and dual exhaust pipes.

The finished model measures over 7 inches (20 cm) high, 7 inches (18 cm) wide and 12 inches (33 cm) long and features several moveable parts for owners to engage. Spin the rear tire to see the Milwaukee-Eight engine with moving pistons and dual exhaust pipes, spring to life. Turn the handlebar, move the gear shift and brake levers, and flip down the motorcycle’s kickstand for easy parking. Finished with an authentic dark red and black color scheme with Harley-Davidson logos on each side reflective of the 2019 Fat Boy motorcycle’s Wicked Red paint scheme, it’s a perfect display centerpiece for any home, office, or anywhere to channel the inspiration to ride. 

“Bringing this Harley-Davidson motorcycle to life in brick form is incredibly exciting,” said Mike Psiaki, Design Master at LEGO Group. “The model truly captures the iconic design, advanced engineering and attention to detail of this iconic motorcycle, offering an immersive building experience and a unique collector’s item for Harley-Davidson enthusiasts and LEGO fans of all ages.”

“It’s been exceptionally exciting for Harley-Davidson to collaborate with the LEGO Group – another brand that champions creativity and expression,” said Heather Malenshek, Chief Marketing Officer at Harley-Davidson. “Not only do we want customers to be inspired by the end result, we want them to enjoy the building process.”

“The authenticity of Harley-Davidson design comes by sweating the details from start to finish.” said Brad Richards, Vice President of Styling & Design, Harley-Davidson. “We looked at every nut and bolt on the bike, all the finishes, and every small detail. Working with the LEGO team on this project allowed us to bring that same attention to detail to a collaborative product, and to celebrate a brand that inspired the imagination and creativity of many of us at Harley-Davidson from a young age, including myself.”

To celebrate the launch, LEGO Master Builders created a life-size model of the motorcycle, complete with silver coated parts, Wi-Fi animation control, sound and light effects to imitate a real Harley-Davidson Fat Boy and 6,000 special LEGO elements. The extraordinary creation took 865 hours to build, is made of 69,569 pieces and will be on display at select LEGO stores and Harley-Davidson events for fans to see. 

The LEGO Creator Expert Harley-Davidson Fat Boy model is available for $99.99 directly from LEGO Stores and shop.LEGO.com exclusively for VIP members beginning July 17, 2019, with general public availability beginning August 1, 2019. Customers in the United States will also be able to purchase on Harley-Davidson.com and through Harley-Davidson Dealers across the country.

ASR Seat, Pillion, and Backrest by Ciro

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ASR Seat, Pillion, and Backrest by Ciro

The ASR Seat has been designed in conjunction with long distance rider Adam Sandoval (aka ScootinAmerica) to bring riders the most comfortable and stylish seat available today. Adam has hundreds of thousands of miles in the saddle so he knows what it takes to create an exceptional seat for the touring rider. At the core of this seat lies a gel insert designed to reduce vibration by up to 50% while at the same time reducing direct impact forces by up to 92%. The gel also provides a neutral suspension that will conform to the shape of the rider, resulting in the most comfortable long distance rides you’ve ever experienced. The shape of the seat allows for a relaxed riding position and the recessed area in the center eliminates any pressure on your tailbone.

The ASR seat may be used with an optional quick-detach backrest for added comfort. The backrest is fully adjustable, features a storage pocket for small items, and is styled to compliment your seat.

The ASR seat is great for riding solo, but if you plan to have a passenger, be sure to pick up the pillion! The pillion features the same gel comfort as the driver seat as well as an innovative shape to maximize passenger space. The shape and width of this pillion also make it ideal for strapping down luggage securely.

Get yours at ciro3d.com

Made in USA

20100 ASR Seat by Ciro® $459.95

20102 ASR Backrest by Ciro® $222.95

20101 ASR Pillion by Ciro® $222.95

Fitment: 2009-2019 H-D Touring Models
Street Glide, FLHX / FLHXS / FLHXSE
2014+ Ultra Limited, FLHTK / FLHTKL

Mama Tried’s Flat Out Friday at the Wolstein Center on July 27th

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Fuel Cleveland Presents Mama Tried’s Flat Out Friday at the Wolstein Center on July 27th

Rider Registration is Open & Tickets are On Sale Now

Fuel Cleveland presents Mama Tried Motorcycle Show’s Flat Out Friday, an indoor, flat track, motorcycle race, on July 27th at the Wolstein Center. Tickets are on sale now and can be purchased at the Wolstein Center Ticket Office or http://www.wolsteincenter.com/event/flat-out-friday/.

Flat Out Friday is an indoor, flat track, motorcycle race on a Dr. Pepper soda syrup surface. Competing in nine classes, sign up is now open for Brakeless, Open Amateur, Youth, Open Vintage, MadDawg, Women, Pro, Hooligan and Goofball.

The Fuel Cleveland motorcycle show takes place the following day on Saturday, July 28 2018. Fuel Cleveland is a free and family-friendly event showcasing world-class custom and rare motorcycles and motorcycle related photography, paintings and artwork. The show takes place from noon until 8 p.m. at the Hamilton Collaborative 5401 Hamilton Ave. Cleveland OH 44114. All Fuel Cleveland show information can be found at http://www.fuelcleveland.com

Registration for all race classes is open to the public. Registration forms and an updated list of registered riders can be found at http://www.flatoutfriday.com/. You must pre-register to race and a list of registration fees can be found at the web site.

In connection with the Mama Tried Motorcycle Show, Flat Out Friday premiered in February 2016 with a record- breaking crowd of over 8,000. Prior to the inaugural Flat Out Friday, Milwaukee had not witnessed a race of this sort since 1980.

Racers have included American Motorcycle Association Pros Parker Lange, Cole Fealy, Christian Johnson and Dan Jacobson. Hooligan riders included Harley-Davidson Motor Company riders Scott Jones, Brandon Gonzalez, Mark Atkins and Chris Wiggins arriving from California.

NCOM Biker Newsbytes

By | Biker's Rights

NCOM Biker Newsbytes

Compiled & Edited by Bill Bish,
National Coalition of Motorcyclists (NCOM)

Louisiana Enacts Law Against Motorcyclist Profiling
Louisiana has become the third state to pass legislation to curtail the profiling of motorcyclists by law enforcement, by unanimously approving House Bill 141 in the state legislature (38-0 in the Senate 6/2/19 and 103-0 in the House 6/3/19), and the biker anti-discrimination measure was signed into law on June 11, 2019 by democrat Governor John Bel Edwards.

Effective August 1, 2019, HB 141, “Provides relative to motorcyclist profiling training for peace officers,” by establishing the creation of a “motorcyclist profiling awareness training program” to include classroom or internet instruction “in the current bias-recognition policing curriculum.”

Sponsored by Rep. Frankie Howard (R) at the request of ABATE of Louisiana, with support from the Louisiana Confederation of Clubs & Independents as well as the National Council of Clubs and the Motorcycle Profiling Project, the new LA law defines “motorcyclist profiling” as “the arbitrary use of the fact that an individual rides a motorcycle or wears motorcycle related clothing or paraphernalia as a factor in deciding to stop, question, take enforcement action, arrest, or search an individual or his motorcycle or motor vehicle.”

The Bayou State follows the states of Washington (2011) and Maryland (2016) in passing similar legislation, all by unanimous votes, and a bipartisan federal anti-profiling bill currently awaits further action in the U.S. House of Representatives (House Resolution 255) after passing by unanimous consent in the United States Senate (Senate Resolution 154) late last year.

Missouri Helmet Law A Signature Away From Repeal
The Show-Me State may soon grant adult motorcycle riders the freedom to choose whether or not to wear helmets, as legislation to repeal their mandatory motorcycle helmet law for those 18 and older who carry qualifying medical insurance is currently sitting on the desk of Governor Mike Parson (R) awaiting his signature.  Parson previously supported repeal as a member of the state legislature.

Senate Bill 147 passed the Senate 21-12 on Thursday, May 16 and the House voted 94-46 the following day to advance the omnibus transportation package to the governor.

Missouri is currently in the minority among states, as only 19 states and the District of Columbia mandate the wearing of motorcycle helmets by all riders.  Repeal efforts have been debated in the General Assembly for decades, and twice before lawmakers had passed helmet law repeal bills, in both 1999 and 2009, but couldn’t overcome gubernatorial vetoes.

But now, with Republicans holding hyper-majorities in both chambers and the governorship, riders’ rights groups like ABATE for Missouri and Freedom of Road Riders of Missouri took advantage of the “perfect storm” to navigate their bill through the Conservative-controlled legislative agenda.

Gov. Parson has voted in favor of this issue in the past, and according to the St. Joseph Post newspaper, “nearly all stakeholders expect him to sign it.”

Nebraska Police Target Motorcyclists
In a battle between bikers and cops, Nebraska State Troopers are working with local law enforcement this summer to put the brakes on speeding motorcycles.

For the second year in a row, troopers will conduct special enforcement operations to stop speeding bikers, utilizing an $18,000 grant from the Nebraska Department of Transportation Highway Safety Office that will allow for aviation support as well as more law enforcement on the ground.

“Motorcycles have a unique ability to evade law enforcement…(so) we’ll use resources like helicopters to help out,” Nebraska State Patrol Capt. Jason Scott told KMTV 3 NewsNow in Omaha, adding that numerous citations have been made so far and arrests have been made for reckless driving and for flight to avoid arrest.

“We’ve been working with the county attorney’s offices to make sure there’s a message that’s sent here,” Capt. Scott said. “We’re not going to tolerate the aggressive driving.”

Red Light Cameras Banned In Texas
Drivers in Texas are about to be seeing less red, as Governor Greg Abbott (R) has announced that he has signed legislation that bans red light cameras across the Lone Star State.  House Bill 1361, authored by Representative Jonathan Stickland (R-Fort Worth), would prohibit the use of “photographic traffic signal enforcement systems.”

Stickland told FOX7 the bill was motivated by “a lot of reason,” including privacy concerns and the right to due process.

The new law included a grandfather clause for cities involved in red light camera contracts that have yet to end, except if the contract includes a provision allowing for state law to break it.

Ever since becoming legal in 2007, Texas lawmakers have made attempts to turn the cameras off that were unsuccessful until now, according to the Star-Telegram.  Red light cameras have come under fire elsewhere recently, with at least 7 other states trying to ban them.

Washington Governor Signs Motorcycle Liability Bill
Washington Governor Jay Inslee (D) has signed House Bill 1014, which is a motorcycle liability insurance bill.

Previously, motorcycle operators across the state were not required to be insured under a motor vehicle liability policy, but HB 1014 sponsored by Rep. Bill Jenkin (R-Prosser) changes this by requiring all motorcycle operators to be insured under a motor vehicle liability policy or the allowed equivalent according to the terms required by current law.

“People are surprised to learn that motorcycle operators are not required to have liability insurance. My bill simply requires those operating a motorcycle to meet the insurance requirements, or equivalent for registered motor vehicles under current law,” Rep. Jenkin told KEPRTV Action News.  “When someone gets property damage, or in an accident, with an uninsured motorcyclist, they are stuck filing a claim and potentially paying a higher premium.  Having motorcycles insured, just like other vehicles, makes sense.

Jenkin’s bill goes into effect 90-days after the adjournment of the 2019 session.

Grass Clippings And Motorcycles A Deadly Mix
A number of states and localities have come to the realization that grass clippings on the roadway are a danger to motorcyclists, and some are taking steps to outlaw the roughage.

In Pennsylvania, Senator Camera Bartolotta (R-Washington County) has proposed legislation to protect motorcyclists by making it illegal to throw grass clippings on the roadway during mowing season, making the violation a fineable offense much like littering. She says grass clippings not only cause the surface of the roadway to become extremely slippery, creating a hazard to motorcycle riders and other drivers, as well as presenting an environmental concern by clogging storm drains and can make their way into streams and cause pollution.

When riders complain to law enforcement, their complaints are often dismissed as the current law is not enforceable, but the senator’s proposal to add two words “grass clippings” to the law that makes throwing litter and other items on the roadway an offense would fix that.

Her bill proposes fines of up to $300 for the first offense and up to a $1,000 for subsequent offenses, and would require the landowner to remove the clippings from the roadway.

In Ohio, the city of Fremont says it will begin ticketing people for blowing grass clippings into the street, saying they pose a danger to motorcyclists.  City officials say dumping grass clippings in the road is illegal under a city ordinance regarding “placing injurious material or obstruction in street,” and the city says its code enforcer and police department will be paying special attention to the issue throughout the warmer months.

“Please make every effort to keep grass out of our streets and keep Fremont safe for our friends on two wheels!” the city says.

Meanwhile, an Illinois rider is dead after a crash involving grass clippings on the road and losing control of her motorcycle.  Her husband, who also lost control of his motorcycle, told the local newspaper; “I would like something to be done better than a $50 fine on grass clippings; it kills people!”  He has contacted his state representative about increasing the penalty for making an unnecessarily dangerous mess in the road from trimming your lawn.

While some slippery hazards like wet leaves in fall can’t be avoided, not spraying grass clippings onto the road is as easy as pushing or driving your lawn mower in the opposite direction to spray back into your yard rather than out onto the roadway.

Tariffs Could Devastate Motorcycle Industry, Claims Trade Group
Industry leaders are encouraging activism ahead of new import taxes, and the Motorcycle Industry Council (MIC) is asking riders to help stop a new round of tariffs on Chinese products.  The sanctions will directly affect equipment and apparel that riders depend on, as well as motorcycle parts and accessories and bikes built in China. “The proposed additional 25% duty on Chinese goods lumps gear like boots and gloves in with common replacement parts, like lithium-ion batteries, and curiosities, like live manatees and blue-veined cheeses,” says the industry trade group. Perhaps more devastating to a business already working with tight margins is a catchall — number 8714.10.00 on the list — that includes all “Pts. & access. for motorcycles (including mopeds).”

The MIC makes the case that, in today’s motorcycling economy, even the most ardent purchasers of American apparel and machines are going to feel a pinch to the wallet.

“The proposed China List 4 includes essentially everything that is not currently subject to an additional 25% tariff on Lists 1-3,” MIC Senior Vice President Scott Schloegel says. “Tariffs are taxes paid by companies and consumers in America and it is critical that you make your voice heard now.”

Rolling Thunder Final Ride, Or Not?
For over three decades, hundreds of thousands of motorcyclists have roared into our nation’s capital over Memorial Day weekend for Rolling Thunder, an annual demonstration in support of veterans, prisoners of war and service members who went missing in action, but due to financial and logistical constraints, this year’s rally was their last hurrah.  Rally organizer and co-founder, Artie Muller, has announced that the massive rally, held every year in Washington, D.C. since 1988, has grown too costly and unwieldy and will come to an end.

However, efforts to keep the rally going include President Donald Trump who pledged his support and tweeted out during the “Ride for Freedom” on Sunday, May 26 that Rolling Thunder was not going to end after all:  “The Great Patriots of Rolling Thunder WILL be coming back to Washington, D.C. next year, & hopefully for many years to come,” he wrote. “It is where they want to be, & where they should be.”

In addition, “Wreaths Across America” has since announced a donation of $200,000 to Rolling Thunder to help cover costs and keep the ride going, with executive director Karen Worcester telling  Muller on that Monday’s “Fox & Friends” that “Remembering is too important to forget.”

Muller said during the Fox News show that he looks forward to meeting with the president about continuing the ride, but he also said that instead of holding one giant demonstration the group is planning to take the event nationwide next year and hold rides regionally throughout the country with its 90 local chapters.

But one thing could surely bring the hordes of patriotic bikers back to D.C. in protest, said the 74-year old Vietnam Veteran during his speech on the National Mall at this year’s Rolling Thunder; if House Speaker Nancy Pelosi moves to impeach President Donald Trump.

Easy Rider Encore
July 14, 2019 marks the 50th anniversary of Easy Rider — and to celebrate, a newly-restored 4K version will be shown again in 400 theaters nationwide for just two nights; July 14th and 17th.

Directed by the late, great Dennis Hopper, the film starred Peter Fonda, Dennis Hopper, and Jack Nicholson in a role that scored him an Oscar nomination.

In 1998, the film was officially added to the National Film Registry, and the American Film Institute lists it on its 100 Greatest American Movies of All Time.

Quotable Quote:  “Throughout history, it has been the inaction of those who could have acted, the indifference of those who should have known better, the silence of the voice of justice when it mattered most, that has made it possible for evil to triumph.”

~ Haile Selassie, regent of Ethiopia (1892-1975)

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Black 5-Hole C-Thru Derby Cover 

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Black 5-Hole C-Thru Derby Cover 

Press Release: Feel like a kid again with the latest addition to our “No One Has The V-Twin Selection” product line. If you were the type of kid that could spend hours watching the window on the clothes dryer, or other mechanical things in action; well it’s time to grow up! Now you can watch the guts of your primary making mechanical magic thru the clear window of the billet aluminum and glass 5-Hole derby covers from V-Twin.  Our cover comes with a black finish and features a leak proof and oil resistant glass window.   V-twin also offers these in chrome as part number 42-0240. Fits 1999-up FXST,FLST, 1999-17FXD and 1999-15 FLT models. Part number 42-0241 

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V-Twin Manufacturing/Tedd Cycle, Inc
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Moto-Journalist Felicia Morgan to Grab the Reins of Buffalo Chip’s “Sturgis Rider Daily”

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Moto-Journalist Felicia Morgan to Grab the Reins of Buffalo Chip’s “Sturgis Rider Daily”

Morgan is ready to take on the role of editor of the popular daily newspaper published during the Sturgis Motorcycle Rally.

Long-time journalist and motorcycle aficionado Felicia Morgan has signed on to lead in the creation of the annual “Sturgis Rider Daily” publication. The daily rally print publication produced by the Sturgis Buffalo Chip in partnership with the Rapid City Journal is entering its sixth year of production. Founding editor Marilyn Stemp will remain on board in an advisory role.

The Sturgis Rider Daily offers up-to-date information on Sturgis Motorcycle Rally happenings, Buffalo Chip concerts, races, bike shows and events, as well as advice for rally goers. Copies of the special newspaper are delivered each morning Saturday to Friday to convenient locations throughout the Black Hills and are available at the Buffalo Chip’s Sturgis Rally Information Center at the free-access CrossRoads.

“We are very happy to welcome Felicia as the editor of the “Sturgis Rider Daily’,” said Rod Woodruff, Sturgis Buffalo Chip President. “Her extensive journalism experience and first-hand knowledge of the industry as a die-hard motorcycle rider make her the perfect choice to lead efforts to produce a first-class publication full of useful information for people attending the rally.” 

Morgan has been an avid motorcyclist for many years and has been riding a motorcycle exclusively since 2005. She attends nearly every biker-related event in America, and her work has appeared in numerous magazines including Thunder Press, Easyriders, In the Wind, Wrench, Biker, V-Twin, American Iron, Road Iron, Cycle Source, and Wide Open, as well as several motorcycle-related books. She is a pivotal staffer and chronicler of the Motorcycle Cannonball Cross-country biennial vintage motorcycle odyssey, and in 2010 she photographed the entire 2,392-mile marathon from the side-hack of a 1956 Panhead.

The Sturgis Rider Daily will be available each morning Saturday, Aug. 3 through Friday, Aug. 9 at no charge.

The Buffalo Chip’s motorcycle and music festival will open with a pre-rally party July 29 – Aug. 1, 2019, with official festival dates running Aug. 2-11, 2019. Concerts and races are free with camping. More information and reservations are available at BuffaloChip.com

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